Can someone please help me interpret?

  • Hello! I'm new to Tarot and haven't quite grasped the ability to understand a spread. I've been mostly working on single card pulls until I can get the basic understanding of the cards themselves. One night, I had an idea to try a "Soul Mate Spread", which according to my book was 5 cards.

    I decided to do a single card pull first because I didn't want to get ahead of myself. With the question "guidance regarding my relationship" in mind, I pulled the first card, which was the Five of Cups. Well, while I was reaching over the deck of cards to get my journal, the journal caught the edge of the cards spread out in front of me, and flipped over 4 more cards. I'm a big believer in "everything happens for a reason" and "signs from the universe" so I this seemed interesting to me.

    The 4 additional cards fell in a right leaning diagonal pattern, so from left to right: Temperance (sideways, on top of other cards), Star (upright, 2nd from top) Three of Cups (upright, 3rd from top) and Four of Cups (upright, bottom)

    (It's also worth noting that the Five of Cups from the original pull was on the opposite side of the deck, so I knew it wasn't entirely poor shuffling)

    I've tried interpreting the overall message from this group of cards but I keep confusing myself more than anything. Can anyone please help me understand/interpret what these cards mean? Thank you!

  • Hi @Duodecim I'm Cybee,
    Do you want a fresh reading or an interpretation on some cards that got knocked to the floor?
    Is it help that you need or is it just a question of Tarot?

  • Hi @Cybee! I'd like some help with the interpretation of those 5 cards please!

  • Hello again @Duodecim,
    I understand where you're coming from with the cards, universe and stuff but you are actually reversing the whole art and method of Tarot reading. It simply doesn't work like that. If you want to learn how to read the cards there are certain methods and rituals to follow for the reading to work correctly. Otherwise every Tarot reader would just throw a few cards on the floor and do the reading like a witch doctor throwing bones on the floor. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. When I first started to read the Tarot cards, especially when shuffling the cards the odd one would fall on the floor or I might spill a couple and one day in front of a very learned reader I started to put them back in the pack and keep shuffling the deck she told me, never ever do that! Put them to one side, face down and don't use them during this reading you're doing. After the reading was finished I asked her why she told me to do that and she simply said, because they no longer belong to you, you threw them away. So when I started to explore Tarot I would spend hours in libraries and book shops reading Tarot books and there was very little mention about discarded cards prior to dealing. So from that episode I would ask other readers with whom I worked with what they did and everyone told me the same thing. Put them to one side and don't use them for that reading. This is how I have worked and taught Tarot for over 40 years now and I am sorry but I can't read those cards for you. I know this is a bit long winded to say no but another, fresh reading would work just as good, so my offer is still there to help.

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