• Inspiration

    I am in absolute awe with people who can inspire others to do the right thing and make life better for others who have nothing, very little and have nobody to support or guide them. I could list many, many people who have inspired me and others throughout history and throughout my life.
    I was born with, what I might term as, an affliction and it is called "dyslexia". I could never understand why I couldn't spell and hated reading and writing. I would rather play when I was a young child and that made me very happy, simply because I could express my feelings, emotions and energies through play. At school I would get physically, verbally and emotionally punished for not being able to spell. I was classed as " lazy, idol and stupid". Can you image what that does to a young child when they think it's their own fault that they were always at the bottom of the class for being stupid. I overcame this constant torture through comedy and laughter. I found myself becoming the school Jester and comedian. I loved comedy in any form, films, shows and people who could make me laugh because laughing made me feel good and helped me forget all the bad and negative things on a daily basis. As I grew older and matured into adulthood I carried this burden with me and I still couldn't spell or remember and recall complex words, phrases etc. I found out about dyslexia when I was about 27 years old through one of my younger colleagues who had it but that's another story.
    Now that I understood that I wasn't stupid my confidence improved along with many more things. Because of dyslexia I had to think and try things differently than what was the normal way of doing things. I started to realise that because I thought differently about solving problems people would ask me, why I had done something in such an unorthodox way and yet it worked. So people would come to me and ask if I could solve all sorts of problems and issues out for them which in sense inspired others to try solving stuff of their own using my techniques.
    Being able to inspire others gave me a sense of worth and belonging and I loved this happy, warm feeling I got when people smiled and would say, "hey! This idea of yours, really works".
    I now try very hard to inspire others in any way I can and the tools I use are a pack of Tarot cards, because my Tarot cards always inspire me to always do better than the day before.
    During my adult life I have lectured, taught many different types of subjects and wrote speeches for myself and others. You don't have to be eloquent, have degrees in English, or use big words, maybe it helps but I find by using emotions, enthusiasm, inspiration and to finish a little humour and lots of love.

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