• I wrote this in my blog on the 6th of May 2020. My Blog. I new somebody would ask the question one day.

    How do we change the way we live after COVID-19?

    I am writing this in the hope that we all consider how much change is needed to the way we live our lives, now and in the future. Social attitudes have to change towards many of the so-called normal ways of living. If we just carry on living with the same attitudes and lifestyles of the past then nothing changes and none of us have learned anything from this devastating virus that has attacked us. This has been a message to all of us to stop and take a good look at ourselves and what we have managed to accomplish as a devastating monster on planet earth. If we are the only intelligent life forms in the whole universe then what are we here for? We have to be better than this, we just can’t go on ignoring what we are doing to the planet as a whole and that includes the way we treat each other. There is no respect for our fellow human beings. This pandemic has highlighted to the world just who and what we really are, monsters!

    This is not about blame, it’s about putting things right that have gone wrong, showing respect to others, being moral and descent to life as a whole, which includes flora and fauna. We now have the biggest chance to change our future for the better. I hope the history books can write about this period of time and say, “We changed and the world changed with us, for the better, for all and for our future”.

    So what do we have to do now and once we take control of this virus? Well the main strategy is to start thinking of ways to improve life for everyone and not just the few. Our whole lifestyles have to change, readapt to a new way of living our lives, from the way we move around the planet to living, eating, working and socialising. Like the words of the Bob Dylan song say, “The times, they are a changin”. Yes, they truly are and we must change with them.

    The way we come out of Lockdown is crucial too. There is no more NORMAL, only the future which can no longer be described as normal. Normal, new, old, good or bad, there is no such thing anymore, there is only one thing we can look forward to now and that is our future. So what do we need to understand about our future and how we become better humans, together. We have already shown how it’s possible to all come together and cooperate instead of fighting against each other. This is just the first step to securing a more positive and sustained future. People with vision now need to step up and show us all how to become different people.

    Massive changes have to be made in many areas of how we now live our lives, governments, organisations, buildings and much, much more will have to change overnight to accommodate where and how we live. Everything and everyone has to change the way we think and act towards the way we take the first steps into our new world structure.
    Governments will have to be more responsible and transparent in the way they govern and treat everyone. This new era will be greater than any revolution we created in the past. If we don’t start making the changes now, we never will and both the human race and planet Earth will cease to exist, as we know it.
    This is the time to transform and evolve into a far better society and leave the old behind without forgetting it forever. Lessons must be learned and mistakes rectified. This is our chance to become a far better civilisation all across the globe.

  • ...and here is the bad news from the Tarot reading that I did that encouraged me to write the posting above.

  • I appreciate what you wrote.

  • Thank you @Saloni-Sharma This is what I do.🙂