Cancer Virgin very attracted to her Virgo male

  • I'm in a long distance relationship/friendship ... or a courting process with a Virgo male, and he says he finds me quite interesting, attractive, and a maybe a really good partner. But we'll see in time. We have nothing physical going on, but I've known him before as an old classmate for more than 6 years. I've always admired and respected him, but since he bullied me in junior high and highschool, I just stopped all communication during my college years up till now. When I see pictures of him now, he's gotten a lot more attractive physically, so under the advice of my best friend a scorpio... I opened back communication. Then I actually found him to be so easy to like. His wit, his hardworking nature, his love of family, his devotion to his career, his considerate nature, etc... that is has been easy to like him. We have soooo many things in common personality-wise... but I still cannot trust guys. He gave me a gift recently, and since it's a long distance thing we have going on.. I can't express it to him how I feel. It doesn't matter if it's soo simple, but I fantasize sooo much about what I would to him if I should see him. And when he tells me about his long working days and how he's been losing weight and how much exercise he puts himself through to destress, I can only imagine what I'd do if I take this relationship to the next level with him! But that's me thinking about his needs before mine... and so right now, I am trying to back off. Most guys who like me.. are very very physically extreme on their body, maybe it's because I am not giving them any... but I still need to trust them. Is this soo normal with cancers? When I offer him other suggestions to alleviate himself.. like take on yoga for example... he tells me there is a new yoga place with attractive personnel teaching there... then the cancer in in would say..maybe you should go check it out, it'll give you more incentive to try yoga... but then he'd say... no... I don't think so. I work such late hours that I wouldn't even have the time. should i even bother with this virgo... he puts himself through soo much physical torture!? And if being with a cancer makes him lose weight now,.. maybe it's work or me not being with him or committing to him.. but maybe he is overanalyzing things too much... but is it even worth it? I really like him, and I told him this 2x already. And I would never cheat on him. I just get soo devoted to people soo soon if i let them in my life, that I don't want to compromise myself in love when I am not even married to him.

  • Cancerpig,

    I think you should connect with this Virgo male since there is such a strong attachment -courting process already -you have exchanged a gift-and take it from there. I think it will be interesting to meet/or reconnect and talk about feelings-and physical needs etc as this man is really overworking or overcompensating or stressing about this relationship. You need to get this meeting process going on as it seems to be stressing everyone. If the vibes are as you say and you have both expressed how you feel--it seems right to connect --see how you guys flow together and if it flows real well- perhaps you can start planning for the future. I think you know what I mean.

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