Aqua Man has new GF - Can I win him -a very complicated situation

  • Around 2.1/2 years ago I met with an Aqua and we hit it off instantly. and he was very full on, basically declaring his undying love with a few weeks, I was in a very vulnerable place as I had been raped approximately 18 monthly previously .....I took a lot of doing to meet up with him (the first one since the attack)and basically that meant getting blind drunk - we saw each other a few times and then he basically he finished with me because of the drinking - I then explained to him why I got in that state and I promised not to drink around him ,which I did and we shared some great times together - even though he could go MIA for months on end he'd always come back. Even up until late autumn last year he would be very complimentary and wanted to meet up - but due to Covid we couldn't. I have just found out he has met someone else , but he wants to remain "friends (and only friends" as he put it. Do you think I can ever win him back ?- we had a real connection and I'm still very much in love with him. Please help

  • I am so sorry you had to go through being raped; naturally your trust in people was shaken. But not all men are bad. This one however goes missing for MONTHS so he is likely seeing other women during that time. He has at least one other love connection going on and likely more than one. He is a player. Unless you like being part of a harem, look elsewhere. You fell for this guy when you were vulnerable and not thinking straight. Look after yourself, then go looking for a partner once you are fully healed.

  • @V1cck You are a brave woman.

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