How do you rate the past year?

  • 2020 was not easy. Someone brought tears to someone happiness. And what about you last year? Has it changed you or your life?

  • A complete waste of a year with covid around. I could barley get anything done.

  • Obviously 2020 had some seriously anxious moments and an overwhelm of sorrow and grief felt throughout the world. On a personal level, I found myself settling in to the 'new normal' quite smoothly. I'm an introvert and so social distancing and staying in were just normal to me.
    I care for my elderly mum so, yes, I did have to go out and about doing her shopping, I went to my job and drove my daughter to and from her job to keep her off public transport.
    I had quite a productive year, my creativity was limitless and I found my enthusiasm for long abandoned goals to be re-imagined and achievable.
    I can't say, on a personal level, I found 2020 problematic, the thought of going back to the old normal is more stressful for me.

  • The past year has been a new experience for many. It was a year of testing for me. I was ill with covid and lost my main income. I worked in the sales department of a construction company.

  • 2020 was a difficult year for everyone

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  • This post is deleted!

  • 2020 was indeed a tough year.

  • @dasara Oh! hope for the best.

  • last year can be assessed in different ways. But from all situations you need to draw a conclusion. If for some reason you have lost your job, then you need to improve and develop. There is work and vacancy. The world continues to live and develop.
    There are so many jobs online. But you must understand that the requirements for applicants are increased. It’s not enough, for example, to be an office manager. You need to be able to manage the business processes of an office that works online. You don't need to get used to one and the same position.

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  • @segment Thankfully I've recently joined a Digital Marketing firm. I hope this goes well.

  • @segment Yes, experiments are good in your life. At least you get to know what actually makes you happy by that. One should explore oneself and the options he have.

  • @segment Hey, how is 2021 treating you by the way? Any future plans or else are you worried about future relationships?

  • @55Degrees
    Crap because I have found organisations who are meant to help using covid to bash me over my head. Result down in the dumps.
    Covid should have helped organisations to create best practice, people to revaluate their lives but all we see is people being totally selfish.
    Please take care yourself and stay safe.

  • One of the best years ever! The environment improved drastically (sadly now going back to 'normal'), people stayed at home with their families, and we all gained more time to focus on internal change and what really matters instead of being distracted by 'life' and its social and professional activities (or at least I hoped many of us did).

  • Its nice, I am Glad.

  • Apart from the Kovd 19 pandemic, in general, 2020 was a good year for me. I was able to get home health aide jobs and got a lot of benefits from my job. Most importantly, All American cares about its employees and encourages them in every possible way.

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