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  • Re: New Member Welcome Hello all and TY for your forum! I am Aries born April 18, 1970. I have 4s (fours), doubled, tripled everywhere in my life. My babybook even says I was born at 4:44pm! It means Angels are around me? I wonder. 7 yrs ago I survived a house fire and hit my head hard on an ice frozen ground (Minnesota). I know someone was trying to warn me, and someone helped me to get out. I have never been the same. I have always sensed energies and thought everyone did, you know, "vibes". I had to stop meditating for I think I am "too open"? All I know for sure LOL is before the fire I had insomnia, now I have a narcoleptic type sleep disorder. I've never slept better in my life! Lol I hope to make connections and learn more about everything I can from Astrology to Reiki. I want to learn if I have any ability to self heal and in turn heal others. I don't know where to start. Sorry for writing a "novel". I am grateful to be here, in the present, to listen, learn and help if I can. Thank you! ❤

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