Ten of swords, ten of wands and the world combination???

  • Hi, I'm relatively new to tarot and I could use some help interpreting this spread. I did this about how someone feels about me and did it in past present future. I'm a little confused because ten of swords is a pretty negative card but the world card is positive. I'm not super sure how to interpret, thanks.

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    how someone feels about me

    Hi PT,
    Let's have a look at this spread for you.
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    So we will look into the Past first and see what has been going on there. Maybe your answer could be there hiding behind the 10 of Swords, which like you so rightly said is, negative. Why is it negative? We have to understand what the PAST position means before we look at the meaning of the card.
    Past events or influences that have played an important part in bringing about the current situation, perhaps including those that brought one to the need for the question in the first place. The effect of those events or influences on the present and how best we can use them to shape and understand the future.
    Now look at the meaning of the card.
    Exhaustion. A complex situation with many conflicting interests. A long battle without a clear outcome. Need to find an ally who will attack the problem from a different direction.

    Immobility. Impossible to move now. Feeling attacked from different sides. A painful and humiliating defeat

    Now the PRESENT with the 10 of Wands, again we look at what this position says.
    Where the querent finds themselves at the present time. Opportunities and obstacles in the current situation.
    Now the meaning of the PRESENT card which is 10 of Wands.
    Loyalty. A partnership or an alliance endures hardships and succeeds in getting over them. Pure intentions and perseverance lead to success. Honouring one’s principles in spite of difficulties.

    Now finally the FUTURE card, XXI - LE MONDE -The World, its placement and what it means.
    Future events and fresh influences about to come into play that will operate in the near future. Possible outcome of the situation. One's aspirations. Future events and fresh influences about to come into play that will operate in the near future. Possible outcome of the situation. One's aspirations.
    Completion of a process. Balanced activity and achievements in various domains. Contact with far places. Harmony and correspondence between different planes. Pregnancy, something new is about to be born. The Dance of Life.
    Message: everything is perfect as it is.

    Life in a bubble, difficulty in sharing your world with others. Disconnection of inner feelings from external life. Preoccupation with oneself, idealized self image, inability to move forward.

    Looking at your past card it does look pretty negative and you seem to be suffering from a lack of something when it comes to relationships. If you have been through a bad or negative relationship recently then I would expect a card like that but it doesn't mean the whole reading is going to turn out negative. NO. Let's look at the present card then, hmmm, seems fairly positive to me, can't see any issues there. Just have a quick check with the meanings, yep, still seems good to me. So what does the FUTURE look like for you?
    I think there are great opportunities coming your way from what I can see in this spread and if you're not ready for them that's your choice.
    I would love for somebody to read these cards for me, I've not had any real good news since I found out Henry my hamster was pregnant. Bit of a shock like but I blame the pet shop owner I got him, sorry her from.
    If you have any questions or need any further help, you know where I am.