Two possible relationships starting -- AGAIN

  • My coworker (Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon) and I (Scorp Sun, Sag Moon) are really interested in each other. But we have to work really closely together on a team of about six people. Things are great so far. He's the sweetest guy ever, and we've talked about STDs but haven't actually done anything yet. And as I told him, he's not the only guy I'm interested in. There's someone (Taurus Sun, Sag Moon) who lives about four hours away. We met on a dating site and we're also really interested in each other. As fate seems to like to do to me, I always develop interest in at least two guys at a time. Usually one of them doesn't reciprocate my feelings and I drop it, then the other one does . . . until their one-week to three-month infatuation period is up, and they're gone, politely bowing out or otherwise.

    I've been waiting for this to happen, and . . . they're both still interested. And I'm still interested. I thought the long-distance one was losing interest for a week or so, so I went about two days without talking to him, then he texted me asking what was going on with me not talking.

    So from reading my horoscopes on various websites this week, I get the feeling that some serious shit is going to go down tonight. It's going to be just my co-worker and me on third shift tonight, making that prediction seem even more likely.

  • I know this is a weird question but why were you two talking about STD's?

  • I have oral herpes and want to give people the chance to make an informed choice about whether or not to kiss me. Then later he told me that he might HPV.

  • Oh, you are not the only girl who has come up with this question: "Who to choose?" I really think it is utterly silly. If you want both of them, then be with both of them. That is what the men do. So stop being such wimp and just do it with everybody and anybody. I really think it is a silly question.

    But seriously: If you dont know whom to do it with, dont do it at all. S ex is not just for sports. If you want to marry both of them, then dont touch any of them until you know who you choose. The purpose of s ex is in fact marriage and having babies. So you should rather look at their characters first. Choose the least s lutty one, since they either dont last long or the quality of the relationship only stays good a short time.

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