three of cups reversed and 8 pentacles card combination?

  • Hi friends!

    I am asking you to please help me with an answer that the cards have provided, I can not look at things objectivly, but I am very eager to understand the story the cards are telling me.

    The exact question for these cards was: why is my ex’s mom stalking me ( on social media)
    It is confusing to me because this ex is a very closed person and does not usually share his feelings with his mom,so the option of her checking in after talking to him seems impossible. These were the cards

    ![alt text](![image url](

    • ![image url](9A15FBB3-7D60-4ECF-9EA1-485C8AE64A0A.jpeg image url)))

    What I am especially interested in is your thoughts on the 3 of cups reversed and th 8 of pentacles card combination. I got these exact two cards when I asked why his best friends was stalking E7BF2543-EC79-46EC-B5AA-6D1CA7F34FF8.jpeg me aswell.

    ( the king of swords and the five of swords is how he sees the queen of pentacles)

    Please help me, it is confusing me a lot.

    Thnk you and have a blessed day☺

  • @Kiki98

    Also, to give you some contex-last time we talked, we gor into a pretty nasty argument, because I found out he was shady regarding other women and not very truthful.

  • Hi Kiki, I'm Simon,
    Firstly I need to ask, are you a Tarot reader and if you are what are these two spreads you're using? Secondly, why are you casting cards while emotionally upset? If you are going to read for yourself then you need to get all this stress out of you first, then relax and make yourself comfortable, ok.
    So, we are going to start again if you're ok with that, if you are then this is what we are going to do.
    You are going to get yourself settled down and relaxed. once you've done that and made yourself a nice cup of tea and sat down with your cards. OK so far? When you are ready, shuffle your pack of cards while concentrating on the first question you asked and lay your cards out in the following sequence...
    Card 1 then card 2 above followed by card 3 bellow, that will give you 3 cards in a column. Now lay card 4 to left of card 1 and card 5 to the right making a cross +. This is our spread and make sure you are focusing on your thoughts and how you lay the cards.
    Now take a picture of what you just did and post it back on here.
    I will look at that spread and do a reading on it and with a bit of Cybee's luck we will get an answer. Once that is done I want you to do the same with your second reading and again I will read that too. Do not do the second spread/cast until I have completed the first reading for you otherwise they will get meshed together and cause confusion. OK?
    Now, I'm in the UK and it's midnight here so I'm off to bed soon and so will do both readings for you tomorrow, if that's ok with you.
    Get yourself some rest and try to relax and all will come out in the morning.

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