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  • Hello,

    I am new to using tarot. I pulled 3 cards asking if my ex is the biological father to the kid who is the son of the woman he cheated on me with. Since I found out about this child he has always claimed he wasn’t sure if he is the biological father. However, since it’s been 2 years, the logic side of my brain is saying this is clearly his son. I remain in contact with my ex only some of the time because I am still hurt by his actions. I pulled:

    1. 6 of Wands 2. 8 of Wands 3. 8 of Swords with the 6 of Pentacles on the bottom of the deck

    I asked my cards later on the same question to see if they could explain it in another way that’s easier to understand. To me, the first spread is ambiguous. I pulled:

    1. 6 of Wands 2. Ace of Wands 3. 7 of Wands with the King of Swords on the bottom of the deck.
      The second spread is a little more clear for me but I am slightly thrown off. I believe I am struggling mostly because I am emotional invested in this situation. I’ve watched videos on YouTube and looked up meanings of these cards and searched for both of these combinations as well as similar combinations. Can anyone assist as to how to understand these cards or point me in the direction of reliable sources?

    One of the things that have kept me from doing tarot is the fact that tarot is complex. Each card can have various meanings depending on its position and other cards involved in the reading. This is one of the reasons why I struggle with this spread. Thank you for your assistance.

  • @Newbie117

    Actually I need to of now she has had two kids since meeting him.
    I asked my cards if he is the biological father to any of her kids

  • Hi I'm Simon,
    I have had a look at two readings you gave yourself but all you have done is confuse the matter more. First of all let's look at what I think you first looked:
    1st spread
    Is this how you laid them out? If it is, then ok I can do something with this.. I don't know what placement names for each card you used but I have a good idea and will read the cards from left to right.
    Looking at the whole picture it looks like this about you and your unwillingness to release your ex boyfriend. So you believe that if one or both of these children are his bio kids so what! He is no longer with you and you have it in your head that this is a way to get him back into your life. Why are you putting yourself and him through all this strife?
    Let him and the kids go and move on instead of tormenting yourself with possibilities instead of actual facts. Your second reading shows a much better future but you have to make that choice and move forward to a brighter more positive life.
    I hope I have put things into perspective for you and that no matter what you choose, I can and will try to guide you along your new path.

  • @Cybee


    The reason is because I still have love for him of course and he says he wants to fix things. I refuse to try if either of the kids are his. However, if the kids are not his then I am willing to give it a try.

  • @Cybee

    Also...just to clarify your picture...the 6 of pentacles and 8 of swords are flipped. The spread I had showed the 8 of swords as the third card and the 6 of pentacles as the bottom of the deck

  • Hi again,
    Wow, this has got slightly confusing. I'm very sorry, this is my fault for rushing and trying to read too many people at the same time.
    I've sorted the spread out into the correct order and I missed a very important sign here. Yes I took into consideration you had two pairs of the same numbered cards 2 x 6 and 2 x 8 which is fine and does give more emphasis on partnerships and relationships, there is a BUT here though.
    alt text the two 8's are sandwiched between the two 6's you see and because the 6 of cups has now moved to the last card it also represents the final outcome. I'm still not convinced that the children are his but only a DNA test can determine that and not a Tarot reader. With the whole picture now balancing out instead of being one-sided as I had it before, the spread laid out being wrong, sorry about that, again. It has all come back into balance, the 6 of coins being the little Justice card, as I call it, it balances situations out. The cards seem to be pushing you together with the 8's in the middle and the 6's on the outside, it's like a big group hug.
    I just want to mention that there are 4 star signs in this spread and they are:
    Six of Wands:Leo
    Eight of Wands:Sagittarius
    Eight of Swords:Gemini
    Six of Coins:Taurus
    If I was doing a full reading and not a Focus spread, which is what this is all the astrological aspects would be brought into the reading and would be a few pages long.
    Maybe another time, I wish you well and stay safe.

  • @Cybee

    Hello, again. I truly appreciate the time you have devoted to this. Just the fact that you said you are not convinced the kids are his helps a lot with the interpretation. I do not want to exacerbate the situation as you’ve stated there’s a lot and you already have a hunch. I just want to give my interpretation because I am new to tarot and I would like to develop this “skill” as a way to connect with and explore my intuition and because I’ve just always been a fan. If anyone would like to critique and give pointers that would be much appreciated but I am not expecting it.

    1. The 6 of Wands is ambiguous to me in itself. From my understanding, it means “victory” basically. Now, I can see it as a victory in the sense that he is not the father (he has expressed that he has made a mistake, this was not planned, and he did not want the kids). I can also see it as a “yes” since it has a “positive” meaning (“positive” in a yes/no format rather than “positive” in a “this is good/bad format) if this makes sense for how I am explaining).
      8 of Wands -I have desired DNA results immediately and have remained stuck on this -8 of swords. From my understanding, the 6 of pentacles can signify charity, giving and taking, support. I was thinking that perhaps this is the universe “looking out” with this situation, having our us this huge favor (charity)...he is not the father. Then i wonder if this truly applies to both kids or one even though I asked for both. I wonder because tarot doesn’t always reveal what you want. Tarot will reveal what tarot wants to reveal.
      I was also thinking that the 8 of Wands could mean I will be receiving communication about this sooner that I expect. There isn’t the three of swords, cup cards, or anything else that could denote some sort of heartbreak which is another reason why I say he is not the father. I did get tripped up at the 8 of swords for the “mental jail” and thought maybe he is the father...but i over analyze everything (can you tell? wink wink)...and I would most definitely over analyze how she got away with this for as long as she did, how he is feeling, how the kids are feeling now that their “dad” is gone, etc.

    2. Again, same feeling towards the 6 of Wands. The ace of Wands could possibly signify a passionate new beginning since we talked about trying to fix our relationship. The 7 of Wands could signify us setting boundaries for our relationship with each other and other people. I don’t have much family or friends but he has many family members and friends. I don’t think very many people supported the idea of us so I think this is where it also can come into play. The king of swords could signify the new tone of our relationship or perhaps him...or both. Obviously there was some sort of deceit in the past but this will not be the case going forward. If this pertains to him, he will be more rigid when it comes to integrity; honesty; boundaries; discipline when it comes to our relationship and in life in general.

  • want Help? OK then, you got help but most of all, someone who can help, and will assist you as long as you need it. I don't criticise I encourage. 🙂 So let's see what we can do. Firstly you are trying too hard with the meanings of the cards, sort of taking them literally but I love the way you are developing your senses and intuition by looking outside the spread and reading by pulling in other cards as if they are part of this one spread. That is exactly what you should be doing, using the extra cards as what/if situations. (You just earned your first sticky star).
    I have developed quite a few spreads and also techniques to help me achieve more accuracy simply because the more accurate I can be, the more my client benefits from my readings and so I introduce to you one of my faithful companions, the "Focus Spread", ta daa.
    Using this spread by itself to quickly focus on something specific you will need 5 cards. You, shuffle normally while focusing your mind on the situation/problem/question at hand. When your ready, deal them face up, card 1, card 2 above (1), card 3 below (1), card 4 to the left of (1) and last, card 5 to the right. A simple cross, as in the Celtic Cross.
    The important bit comes next, the placements of the cards.

    Card 1 : The FOCUS card. The present.
    Card 2 : The mind/thoughts/hopes/dreams. Now and Future.
    Card 3 : The base/ground and what is happening now. Present.
    Card 4 : The recent past and what has been happening. A situation.
    Card 5 : The future and possibilities. Has yet to manifest so is not real.

    This might help.

    I believe and have always worked with my card spreads that,
    Left is past, Right is future, Up/Above is the Head/mind/thoughts etc and Down is now the present.

    Right, you got all that, good. Next lesson, wrestling bears. 🙂
    Now I suggest you practice and get used to this spread for the simple reason that, it's quick, simple, it makes you focus on the here and now and you know what each card represents when you put it down. It's like I was saying before, as you are placing each card because you already know in advance what to expect to see there regarding the clients question, if the card you draw isn't what you expect to see then there has to be questions asked! This is what you were doing when explaining about if another card had come out instead of say the 6 of coins. Yeh.

    The other thing about this spread is that you can use it to focus on a specific card from a card you need more information about from a previous spread/reading that is in progress. So say you're doing a reading and you've laid 4 cards down and the 3rd card isn't working for you. Pick it up and put it to the right and now put your 4 new cards round it. You are now using the Focus spread to elaborate on your initial reading.
    There is more to come with this spread but I will leave it there and you can go have a practice. Remember, you can use is it as an individual spread with 5 cards or use it in combination with any other spread of your choice when you get to a card you're having problems with by taking the problem card and laying 4 cards round it. Top, bottom, left and right. Oh and don't forget to put that focus/center card back into your original spread.

    Right, where did that bear go?
    Speak soon. Stay safe.

  • @Cybee

    This is awesome. I am going to work with this over the weekend. Thank you for sharing.

  • This is what I do.
    Did you get the extra help I left you?

  • @Cybee


    If you are referring to the star signs then yes, I did.

  • No. Have a look at my last post to you. Click on the words, This might help. You might find some extras too.

  • @Cybee

    Ooohhh...I have no idea how I missed that when I read your post multiple times. 🤨😖 I will also work with this over the weekend

  • @Newbie117
    Now you only need to look at the last couple of slides which detail and explain how the focus area works, along with using it with other spreads and the plus+ bit is the last slide which advances you to more information about your spread. You're probably itching to go for the big one. Hold back on that, it took me over 10 years to get that developed and tested on clients and I only use it for very important and critical readings. It's certainly not for everyday use. If you're looking round the place you'll find tons of information free stuff etc.
    Enjoy yourself.🙂

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