i need a reading done about a situation Im in with my bf and kids

  • My kids come and see me every other weekend. My bf has been getting annoyed with them. He thinks they don't have manners because they say sure a lot instead of yes or no. My older daughter tries to sleep in and be really lazy when she comes over. She also likes to tease her younger sister and prank her, which I don't like. I know I have a few things to work on with them. But my question is. If I work on these things with the girls. Will it satisfy my bf? Or will he continue to harp on them about other stuff too? I think some of it stress because hes not working due to covid.I do think he needs to be more patient with them. My bd is 12-12. His is 06-24. Thanks.

  • Do not try to please your boyfriend at your kids' expense. They are just being kids but I feel that he doesn't want them there - he wants all your attention and energy on him which is a rather childish demand in itself. So you really have several 'kids' to deal with here. If your boyfriend cannot accept your kids, then he really isn't your best choice as partner.

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  • @TulipLilly but you asked "Will it satisfy my bf?" Be honest - who are you really trying to help here? The truth is your BF doesn't want your children, just you.

  • @TheCaptain I am not trying to please my bf at my kids expense..I love my kids very much. I would do anything for them. I live with my bf and they come over every other weekend. Im trying to strike up a balance. Because I feel like my kids arent involved as to what goes on. It's a concern for me. My bf thinks all they want to do is play on their electronics. I just want them all to get along. We both also don't like when my older daughter teases her sister and then she gets upset..These problems are fixable. They are just kids after all. I just wanted to know if you could do a reading and see if the situation improves or not. Not to judge me based off of a paragraph of what I said or didnt say.

  • @TulipLilly I am psychic so I was picking up the vibes you gave off. But have you sat down with your kids and asked them how they can see themselves improving their behaviour and how they honestly feel about the whole living situation?

  • @TheCaptain They said they will try their best. I told them that I just want them to be nice to one another and say yes or no. When I ask them a question. They said they could do that. They said they like living here with me at his house. They just don't like if my b.f. argues with me in front of kids. Which has only happened one time. But I can understand it would make them uncomfortable. I told my bf that and he said he would try to be more sensitive to that They said they would like to see their grandparents for the summer. They miss them. I had job interview today..Sorry I didn't respond back sooner to you. (I just saw them yesterday for my midweek visit) How do you see the situation playing out?Can you pick up anything about it at all?

  • @TulipLilly I feel your kids don't like your boyfriend so you need to talk about it with them. Otherwise, they will resent him and never accept your relationship, always causing trouble. Have they truly gotten over/understood your split from their dad?

  • @TheCaptain My ex husband isnt always truthful about what happened. He had a drinking problem and he was talking to other women and sending money grams out to them. But what matters to me most is if they are happy coming here to where I live with my bf. My by is trying his best to make everyone happy. But I have to ask myself, what should I do? Should I move out? Where do I go? Im not working cause of coronavirus and my back. My bf is able to provide for us. Can you give me some advice? I want to do whats best for my children? Im afraid to screw up my life worse by making a wrong choice. I feel alone in this. Like I have no one to talk too.

  • @TulipLilly economically it looks like you must stay where you are. Maybe have a sit-down with kids and BF to ask what would suit them all and to work out ground rules that will suit all?

  • @TheCaptain That's what we are in the process of doing. It went well this weekend. I I just want everyone to be happy in the situation. I want them to feel at home when they come over. My kids want to hang out and visit with me at my parents house for summer. So they can see my family. I think its a good idea.

  • @TulipLilly Yes it is a good idea.

  • @Saloni-Sharma I just feel like Im in the middle, jockeying between my bf and my kids. But I want my kids to be happy and they asked me to visit with their grandparents in the summer. Its hard not being able to see my family during coronavirus. I just hope my bf will be receptive to it as well.

  • @TulipLilly Stay positive and hope for the best. You never know what future holds for you. You can also have a reading about future predictions.

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