Lovin being a Libra

  • My name is Cheena and I love being a libra mainly because we are so different, we are the only sign who isn't either a animal or a human. I also love the fact that we do have sort of a natural magnetism towards other people they often say I am either very different or they are drawn to me. Which I think is pretty cool, my favorite libra traits are art ive read a couple of blogs before I started to write mine and I noticed I wasn't alone in that department. I love to read, I dont like large crowds but I can communicate with the best of them. Being an air sign I guess that just comes naturally, I also love being in love, being alone is a drag and without my Aries man I would not be a happy woman he truly does complete me:)

  • well i must say that a LIbra girl has drawn me in with playing hard to get and ive told her that im drawn to her in some werid way, BUT then again she is very confusing cause she doesnt know what the hell she wants, she says one thing but really means another, and when the hard questions come up she avoids them instead of anwsering them. cause i know how much she likes me but also i think that she is afraid of just how much she likes me which scares her, cause she only has had one relationship and she is afraid of getting hurt again, so i understand i guess, so we just "friends" ................. for right now anyways, what happened with you and your aries guy? were you friends first? for how long? you do sound like this girl im seeing,(alot of libras are alike lol) shes more an introvert and reads books, a game nerd also lol(which i am), shes playing hard to get, which i dont mind but still sometimes gets annoying lol, but im not going anywhere cause im 95% sure a relationship could happen, so ill be friends for as long as it takes, but ive noticed that she doesnt like it when i dont text her for a while, and she even sent me a text, asking why i dont text her as much anymore, and asking if we are still friends, saying that she misses me, (it was some weird/funny voice text saying all that) and i asked her if she really felt that way or was just for fun, she said it was just for fun, which i knew otherwise, and i left her this big message on myspace enforcing how much i like her, cause it seemed like she thought i wasnt interested anymore, and got it back on track, ughh im getting tired of the games she plays,(which she doesnt think she is doing anything) but oh well

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