I keep hearing someone knocking my door in the middle of the night

  • Hey, I really dont know if Im asking in the right place, its just that something weird has been happening and Im curious as hell. So, on the past few months, Ive been hearing someone knocking my bedroom door in the middle of the night for at least three times. As this happens I always wake up from the knock, get up and open the door, check the whole house to make sure no one is nearby awake or sleepwalking. Well, and there isnt. No one is ever by the door. The first time this happened I just ignored, it was about 2a.m. The second time I told my family and asked if anyone was doing this for some reason, and the answer was no. Except for my dad, he said he heard the knock too and me opening the door after. That time was like 3a.m. Well this happened again today 4a.m., and I again told my family to check if it wasnt them and blablabla. They think I dream with the knocks and then wake up but well its a pretty realistic sound Im sure I heard this after Ive waken up. Also, since my dad heard it once too, I dont think its a dream. He jokes that its problably a ghost or an ET. I search it on google and it says its problably an hallucination condition such as sleepwalking, but Im not sure either since someone else heard the knockin. So what the hell is happening? If someone could give me some light, I really enjoy theories or spiritual explanations. also, have a great day anyone who reads this

  • You could try setting a video camera aimed at your door to give you peace of mind. But it's probably just your spirit guide or passed-over relative trying to get your attention about something. Try asking the guide/spirit for a more obvious sign about whatever it is they are trying to communicate.

  • That's a bit scary.

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