Captain, Badly need help with SCORPIO MALE.

  • I have recently met up a guy (10/Nov/84) me (10/july/86), and as usual of what I've been reading through ALL the posts and experiences from other people, he is acting the same lol. hot/cold games, likes the chase etc, but I'm into the deep psychic as well and he feels challenged lol so that's why I guess he stick up liking me.
    However, he gone now ghost for almost 1 week with no contact, (we dated since a month barely but seen each other once and the date was very deep). We kept in touch daily since then (him initiating contact mostly), and I tried once to PUSH the red line limits of him (testing him to se where in hell he stands of his feelings towards me) but he backed off (probably thinking of me pushing too much lol).

    Captain please could you do a reading on both see the compatibility?
    I would appreciate...

  • @Blmoon or anyone available to help could please give any insight of what kind of person he is, based on his natal chart&compatibility with mine?

  • Mafaida, this is a mysterious union - your relationship can be hard to fathom on both sides. On the surface, you can expect an easygoing and pleasurable relationship between the two of you. Your involvement goes far beyond simple pleasure, however, being enigmatic even to the two of you yourselves. A deep magnetic pull often draws you together, and once the relationship is formed, it may be difficult to modify or to break apart. Feelings can intertwine subtly and compellingly to create bonds of loyalty, but also of dependency. The two of you will often mirror and act out each other’s feelings without being aware of the process. Egos can dissolve here, boundaries can blur, and individuality can fade. You are a person full of great sensitivity (sometimes over-sensitivity), but also great mystery. Your partner is a secretive, private person who will not always share himself with you, nor you with him. You will have to accept this fact if you want the relationship to continue and try not to pry or push him to open up. Let it happen in its own time.

    A love affair here will tend to be passionate and binding. The two of you may not realize it, but you may have staked a claim to one another, and with that claim, have taken on a huge responsibility. The mysteries of sex, love and relationships in general can unfold here like an enchanted panorama that has you both under its spell. Even when trying for an analytic objectivity that would explain the process and plumb the depths of the mystery, either or both of you may pull back from the shock of recognition, falling instead into the unconscious stream of forgetfulness and abandon. Marriage may hold a more objective orientation, but getting lost together can remain a constant activity.

    Friendship would have a similar magnetism, but can often replace the total involvement of love and marriage with a healthier empathy. You two could maintain a certain objectivity and individuality as friends, while still being closely attuned to each other’s feelings. There would be more awareness here in friendship; the relationship’s mystery is better understood and to an extent more consciously explored. Years will be required however for this to take place, but the wonder will never completely fade, nor would the enigmatic nature of the relationship ever be fully exhausted. To the end, long periods of quite ordinary daily interaction will be dotted with magical moments, unforgettable in their charm and illumination.

    Advice: Retain your individuality. Understanding won't always be fully possible. Love will ask few questions and give even fewer answers, so surrender may be required.

  • The Captain Thank YOU SO much for your reading..!
    Indeed that's waaay too mysterious.. And excited at the same time. Will see how it ends.

  • I can understand, as I' m also going through the same. Handling a Scorpio man is lil tough. Though you can read about the compatibility with the scorpions.

  • @Saloni-Sharma probably he is testing the endurance, freaking psychos 😂 but I guess you have to give them the same treatment and get off their strong ego.
    I'm doing the exact same thing now, treating with indifference like he never existed on earth, that's why cancers can handle Scorpios generally you can pass from hot to cold in a second if required lol.
    I've learned thats the best way it can work in most cases dealing.
    So no crying, no begging, nothing of this, BE THEIR MIRROR, and let it cook in the boiled water. I guess you gotta be able to fuck their mind same like they do with yours.
    What happened on your story?

  • Lol. Its not that easy I guess. Because when you are deeply in love, you sometimes try to overlook to their mistakes. Actually he do not make much efforts, after doings mistakes and lied about some things. About which I knew and when I confronted him about the same he was sorry but then ghosted me and broke up with me. Instead of making up for his mistakes. Now we are talking again but he says he do not get the vibe like we had previously. I am trying my best to get things back on track like they were before. I am being very patient which I am not. Just for the sake of love.

  • @Mafalda Hopefully you get it what I am going through.

  • @Saloni-Sharma I guess he's feeling "somehow" guilty and he emotionally flip off the coin on you so you can feel worried that hes "not feeling the vibe" like before so you are busy thinking of that instead of focusing what the actual problem is. Lol. Give him a taste of his own medicine and be cold as fuck during a period of time see how it works/or not. Is not easy when you are in love, I know.. but that's what it is... Dealing with scorpios is not easy either you are a psycho also either you are their mirror. 😂
    What's your sign?

  • @Mafalda I am a Gemini.

  • @Mafalda And what if I loose him in doing so?

  • @Saloni-Sharma take the risk, feel his pulse. Don't be extremely cold but give him also hot from time to time.
    That's a tough call but I wouldn't want to live like this either. Depending on the length and nature of the relation you guys having, I would give him hard time if he continue lying and being an ass.

  • @Mafalda Thankyou so much for your advice. I will surely keep it in mind.

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