• Hi.

    I dunno how to start this, but I will start by saying that i DO believe there are good male readers out there. I know a few, HOWEVER, these males are happy married men. NO its not a test or a post to say Im into married men.

    In my time I have come across a few male readers, useal starts out right and ok, but then after some time they become competitive, nasty and down right condesending.

    In terms of i know more than you do, and you dont help me at all so on and so forth.

    I get sad and angry because im not befriending them for relationship or anything except friendship and mutual help and aide.

    I feel its as if they somehow fall in love with me and when i dont play along they get nasty. Its so sad that they use once said confidence against me and treat me like yestérdays trash.

    i expect this from fraud female fake readers, but niot from men.

    i dunno what to think do about this, whats is it that gets these single male reader in a competitive mode? im upfront, truthful and say im involved with someone and it seems they get that, but as time goes they get more and more higher than you act and attitude.

    Has any of you experienced the same? or similar situations? plz advice thank you.

  • I'm sorry I'm not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean like psycic readers?

  • yes.

  • oooo, I've never met a male reader before. How do you end up in a competition with someone who you are seeking advice from?

  • good question is why i ask this.

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