Earth's future...

  • There's a lot of talk, depending on the circles you travel in, about how this is the dawn of a new age, or apocalypse (def: shedding of the veil). People say all sorts of things about what's to come. I've heard even more about the apparent "truth" about the planet's past, and human's role in it. Has anyone gotten any insight on this from source, spirit, guides or higher self?

  • Humanity throughout history has endured periods of dark and light, rise and fall. The cycle only ends when we all evolve into better people and ascend to our true home (which may take a lot more time yet).

  • @IrieEden We are witnessing an end of an era and entering a new one. It will bring changes.

  • @TheCaptain some days I feel like the pain of every person on Earth is upon me. It fills my mind and crushes my heart. The tears come fast and hard, but I know that it is not my pain. My husband has never felt this way but tries to make sense of it. Do you ever feel like this? Does this happen mainly to women I wonder. Thank you for your time. ❤

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