How to get back a Cancer man?

  • I am in this long distance relationship for almost 2 years now. We are a taurus and cancer combo. Everything was going smoothly or so i thought throughout our relationship but shit happens. Recently, my man has been really cold lately to me and distant. Things that used to be exciting for both of us no longer excites him nor he find interesting. He just confessed to me that our repetitive routine is getting boring for him. Although, i agree with him but despite the boringness i still enjoy his presence during the calls even though most of the times these days we are too tired to even talk. He has changed lately and highly because of our long distance relationship (8k miles away). He is frustrated with himself because his perspectives changed and he told me that if i cheated on him now because of him being cold towards me he wouldnt even care. He's kicking himself for having this mindset. But i didnt believe him, i know hes getting really challenged as long distance relationships are very hard but i still love him dearly with all my heart. Despite all the shit, even though he no longer longs for intimacy as he wants the real thing in real life but things arent in our favour because of corona so we are stuck in a dilemma. I have hurt him in the past and he with me plus this distance is what seems to be making us crumble. We have had a discussion to let our issues in the past go. But he is having trouble cause hes afraid to get hurt again. How do i get a cancer man's trust back? He doesnt wanna lose me and vice versa. I love him and i am willing to change for the better. Any one has experience? Getting your man's love back? Any advices would be much appreciated❤

  • Long distance relationships seldom work unless you can get some face-to-face in-person meetups.

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  • @TheCaptain @TheCaptain yes we are about to meet up soon, we have just been waiting for international travels to open up again. Although, i am quiet confused at the phase we are at. We are very close to seeing each other and achieving and yet his feelings did a 180 as if he got tired of tough things happening and things never going in our favour. He also has aspergers, even tho he is very confused and annoyed with himself why his perspectives and feelings changed about our relationship, both him and i are still working so that we can be together. So for now i am just waiting for him to figure out his feelings.

  • @Taurusgirl21
    Do you know if he suffers from depression?

  • @OJ yes he does have depression and social anxiety but he is getting better based on what he says and how he is able to socialise without losin his shit now, he also has aspergers

  • @Taurusgirl21
    Yeh, his boredom, lack of interest, no libido, not caring, are all signs of depression. I don’t know anyone with aspergers, but I do know someone who suffers from depression. Unfortunately, your distance makes it hard to do anything other than remind him of your love, that you’re not going anywhere and let him work it out. The good thing is that he’s talking to you about it. If he says that he doesn’t want to lose you, then you haven’t lost him.

  • @OJ thank you so much for your advice, it really helps me to keep going. He had ask for space and i let him be, after a week, he finally asked me to video call him and since then we are progressing i guess. In a few months after this covid lockdown I'm really rooting to see him in person, and i hope that will help us both.

    Thank you for your support! Best wishes to you!