How to achieve this kind level of card reading?

  • Hello everyone,
    I've seen a section about tarot that reads like "the meaning of cards are never always as they seem.", and the meaning of the card "The Devil" is more interest for me "not always means the evil or distruction, it can mean other things", the personal description about the devil card is more attracted me "a dark lover approaching, bringing terror. irreststible. part of you, but not. the whisper of something ghastly and betiful."

    My personal expectation for me is to be able to achieve this level of personal interpretation of the cards before I can be qualified to use tarot cards,

    So, wherer should I begin to learn??

  • Symbolism is the answer. To communicate with Tarot cards you have to understand their language just like when you travel to a foreign country where they speak a foreign language, if you don't speak or understand what is being communicated to you it becomes quite difficult to carry on any kind of conversation. The Tarot has a quite unique way of conversing with people because it uses a language much older than any spoken word and this is known as symbolism. The human race has been using symbols to communicate since the dawn of man and woman. In fact symbols are more a part of everyday languages and cultures than ever before. 😉 Exactly.
    So to understand and communicate with the Tarot cards we first need to understand its language of symbols and how they interact with us through our senses of sight, instincts, emotions and intuition. What are these cards with colourful pictures trying to convey to us or should I say, the Tarot reader who is attempting to translate the meanings into a language that the person who is asking the question can understand. The Tarot reader or "Tarotist" will have generally spent several years studying the Tarot, learning and understanding the meanings and testing themselves so as to achieve a very high standard so they will be able to perform an accurate reading for their client.
    I hope this has helped. I have been doing readings for over 40 years but when I first started it took me years to remember all the meanings until finally it clicked. It was the pictures that related to me.

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