How to achieve this kind level of card reading?

  • I've seen a section about tarot that reads like "the meaning of cards are never always as they seem.", and the meaning of the card "The Devil" is more interest for me "not always means the evil or distruction, it can mean other things", the personal description about the devil card is more attracted me "a dark lover approaching, bringing terror. irreststible. part of you, but not. the whisper of something ghastly and betiful."

    My personal expectation for me is to be able to achieve this level of personal interpretation of the cards before I can be qualified to use tarot cards,

    So, wherer should I begin to learn??

  • You already are, the cards are a tool. Learn to use the tool to shape what you feel. Quote from Michelangelo "The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material" Let the cards tell you your story, not what others see.

  • This is such a personal story... by looking at the cards you begin to understand the story as you lay out the cards in context to your question... Create your own Journal of your own meanings... looking at the way the cards seem to speak to you in that moment.
    yes each card has an underlying meaning with layers.. depending on the context of the question, the layout used, the deck used can add meaning to the cards.. it takes practice and time to bring it together not just as individual cards but with several cards in a spread. Enjoy the journey of discovery ..
    Look at many resources but do not memorize all the meanings but look at what makes sense in that moment ...

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