Captain- is this friendship an honest one?

  • Hello Captain, you always have given good detailed readings for me before, I was wondering if you could give me a reading on what you think this friendship is going to be like she is born 12yh January 2000 and me 9th September 1994, do you see anything worrisome or a lifelong friendship? Thank you for your time , love and light xx

  • This solid, tough relationship can stand a lot of knocks. At the same time, it is characterized by an ease in assimilating experience and by a natural feeling between the two of you. It can show imagination, vision and an orientation toward the future. Sometimes the only thing needed to bring out a person’s creativity is a relaxed and open approach, and your potential friend will particularly appreciate the relationship for allowing her creative side to be activated, a side too often neglected by other people who lean on her strong shoulder for support. You, too, will be happy that your unusual ideas and personality have found an understanding audience. True, challenging experiences are bound to confront the two of you, but the more roadblocks you face, the more determined you may become to break through, and the more you can hope to learn. But you might also experience power struggles here in which each individual strives to impose her own direction on the other. In order for such relationships to remain intact, some understanding, tolerance and compromise will have to be established. All-out conflict is a scenario best avoided here, at almost any cost.

  • @TheCaptain I'm happy to hear! Thank you!

  • @TheCaptain hi, i’ve heard you give pretty good readings, I really need your help, i met this pisces man and we’ve been dating for over a month, it was great, he said he really liked me and that he wants something serious but since we’re getting to know each other we’ll take it slow and hopefully it’ll work out, he said that he was focusing on work and family and didn’t expect someone to come in his life now, tbh i was crazy psycho on him and i told him it freaked me out that i liked him and suddenly he was overwhelmed by work and family and i added to that by being crazy, he suddenly disappeared without saying anything, i went crazy and i called texted everything, he said that we don’t communicate and it wont go anywhere and that i was careless, he expected me to call but I didn’t for a couple of days, i apologized, explained myself, told him im done, he either answers or ignores or answer 2 days later, then i finally sent him that i was sorry and i know where i went wrong he said it means alot what i said and that it was his fault too because he had so much on his mind so i told him we can take it very slow to get to know each other and he can take all the time he needs to figure things out, i sent it 5 days ago and he still didn’t respond, please help I really miss him

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