Cheating with an ex

  • I did a reading for a friend who suspects their new partner might still have feelings for their ex. I did the reading without a formal spread and two cards came out: 6 of Cups and The Devil. I read this as being chained to the past or being nostalgic for the kind of connection they had with their ex.

    In short, I believe this means that their new partner will or will be tempted to get back together with their ex. Does this make sense to others?

  • It could indicate your friend is chained to their partner's past. Sometimes people have a problem dealing with a new partner's romantic past and feel insecure about the strength of the relationship.
    Unless there is evidence that points to the partner cheating with their ex, I think it may be problematic to say a categorical 'yes', as some unfounded suspicion can turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.

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