Will he be with me in the future?

  • I'm 35 year old "capricorn" so lost, sad, angry, and confused! I havnt been in a relationship with my love "Taurus man" for not even 6 months yet, we connected on a deep level from the very beginning, and we both were so happy in love... As time went on I noticed he began to distance himself and I understand why, we communicate very well. He has been going through a lot in his personal life and it's kinda hard to attend to your girlfriend when there's just so much going on, I get it! But, still I tell him we need to work as a team and build each other up and he agrees. Even though we talk about these things, as time moves on, I hear from him less and less, to the point if I don't contact him, I probably won't hear from him... I been pacient and understanding but what gives! He claims he wants to be with me and he loves me but I don't even feel his amazing energy anymore, he just is not present! I know he unintentionally does these things and he's working on it, but I'm miserable and have suffer because of it!
    Now, my b day was New years eve, I was miserable because both my parents had covid and I couldn't go out... I was crying to him on the phone and just wished things were not like this... Mind you, his phone was already messed up, but it got so messed up that I could only call him to hear from him... I called him after midnight to wish him a happy new year and no answer.. Cool, I get it I will call him later right? No! I have been trying to contact him since new years and nothing. It's been a week now and still nothing! What am I supposed to think? I know his phone was messed up and maybe couldn't even answer my calls but there is no excuse in the world for him not to contact me somehow!!! I'm lost and need some guidance please! If you are a astrologer or even a psychic, please I need help I'm in so much pain and I already worry enough as it is! Thank you!

  • What are both your dates of birth?

  • @Jessecatt hi, hope you are well. What was the outcome of this situation ? Your story sounds similar to mine. I’m a Libra

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