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  • Cards pulled were: the fool, the Hierophant, queen of swords and the 9 of pentacles

    Background on situation: My friend wanted to know if she should keep in contact and continue to communicate with a guy that she’s currently talking to. She says she’s unable to read him or the situation. Doesn’t know if she’s overthinking

  • The question is a little bit vague; however, from the cards, I’d say this is a relationship in it’s early, playful phase, there are no deep feelings involved, however they do seem to have some things in common, perhaps a common group of people. Dealing with this person, she should embody the queen of swords, who is not too emotional, approaches things with her inttelect and wit, she should view the situation from the rational point of view, in order to achieve the 9 of pentacles- a state kf success and fullfilment.

    Again, the question is a little bit vague, try to be more specific next time you ask a question, the cards will provide a more clear answer. My interpretation was made reading the cards as wht sort of advice they are giving about the situation.

  • @Kiki98

    Also, the part where you wrote your friend does not know if she is overthinking it: perhaps the queen of swords here indicates that whatever judgement your friend has made about this situation is correct. Again, don’t know the exact question, apply it to the situation.

  • Hi Danne, I'm Simon and I will have a look at the 4 cards you cast.
    Firstly looking at the whole picture, something doesn't ring quite true here!
    The Fool: He is not a fool at all but a pilgrim stepping out into the unknown which is where your friend is at the moment. Uncertainty also comes with the fool card, which makes me think of why she is over thinking the situation.
    The Heirophant: or Pope as he was depicted a long time ago. People tend to regard this as possible marriage and religious but look deeper into this card and you find it is also about learning, so I believe this is a kind of lesson being learnt here on behalf of your friend and this guy. Remember the Fool's journey of the Major Arcana, well when he meets the Popess he has started on a new path of learning and that is the linkage between these two cards. Moving on to the next card.
    Queen of Swords: She is Aquarius. This could be your friend which tends to air on the side of the mature woman who could be divorced or single at the moment. This is someone who is quite intelligent, well educated and a good conversationalist. She can be quite bitter at times, especially when unhappy with herself, possibly for making the wrong choice in a situation. Because Aquarius is ruled by Mercury which in turn influences our mind and thoughts she could be over thinking as you so rightly suggested.
    The final card. The 9 of Coins: Safety and success are just two of the keywords for this card, which leads me to believe that is what she is looking for in any relationship she encounters and because she is letting her mind take over this problem and not facing it head on by communicating more (Queen of Swords) then the whole affair will just fade into the past and yet another encounter will be lost.
    Let's hope she can turn things around in her favour by asking him what his real intentions are and by doing that she will be confronting one her of her own demons in the process.
    I wish her luck in the future, but like I said at the beginning, this reading you have done is all about lessons being learned. One way or another.
    Let me know how she gets on, feedback is always good for my education too.

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