Please help: the Devil&Lovers together as an outcome, clarified by the Sun

  • I recently had a love reading about an ex and our relationship. I asked the cards to reveal what would happen if I didn't reach out to my ex and make contact, what the outcome would be i.e. if he would eventually reach out/do something himself about us. I pulled the Devil and Lovers cards together (not one first or the other). The tarot reader said it meant that he both loves me and has a lot of anger towards me and would have a battle within himself about what to do. She than said we should pull a card to clarify what the outcome of his battle would be. I pulled the Sun, which she said meant that eventually he would feel positive about the situation and reach out.

    I have read that the Devil card in a love reading presents enslavement, control, addiction and jealousy (which is interesting considering that my ex is a Capricorn and has trust issues), while the Lovers card means choices and together this means that it could be a toxic/karmic relationship. Perhaps the Sun could signal breaking free from that.

    I know it all depends on the question asked, just wondering if it could also mean that he feels our relationship was toxic and once he breaks free, he will move-on instead of it meaning he will see us a positive and come back, but I am interested in everyone's interpretation of this.

    Thank you.

  • Devil as attraction (bond to someone) also means he could meet someone else he feels extremely attractive. Lover as choices, you are one of the choices. But you are ex, logically he is attracted to the other choice.

    Moreover, sun as clarifier to reinforce what mentioned above. So the spread could suggest he may meet someone he is interested in terms of your question.

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