What will develop from this meeting?

  • I met a guy who I am talking to. He is a lot younger than me, but I like how serious he is about his life. He also has an approach like a gentleman and has good manners.

    His birthday is 4 January 1999 and I’m 14 October 1986.

    We are just messaging at a nice pace.

    What can you pick up please?

    Thank you

  • Sorry I miss the question as the topic...
    I did a tarot reading for the relationship between you and him.
    He just views you as friend, not much feeling of love now.
    It seems that he may be moving on from a relationship or someone he liked.
    He does not want to take any love possibility now.
    I hope this helps you.

  • Thank you for your insight.

  • @Jana-Star I saw your post saying you broke up with your ex,so the one broke up is supposed to you. The interpretation could be a little different. Thank you very much anyway.

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