Can a psychic please help me interpret a dream that I keep having repeatedly having?

  • I keep having this reaccurring dream and its bothering me because I can't figure out what it means. It begins with this mansion that I lived in( in dream). Where only people could live at this estate, if they were royalty. I was supposedly a distant cousin of Queen Victoria. So I was able to stay there and live the life of royalty, along with a royal family that lived there. In the mansion there was a day room and an area that was like an outside area people could sit at with tables and plants. People could visit and congregate there. There was a big stairwell in the front of the house where you first walk in and a big living room area with a gigantic fireplace. So to get to the living room people would leave their rooms too walk down their hallway and walk down the stairwell to the living room. So it would be like showing a older version of this beautiful mansion like setting, and it was bustling with tons of people.
    Then the dream skips to the future. The house is much older and cant be afforded to run anymore. But people want to come back there. It's only run with some basic staff. The one lady worked there when the last royal family lived there. She went from being a family s nanny to be running everything at the mansion.

    In the dream I come back to the house and I feel like I have been there before and I know where everything is through out the house. But I almost feel like maybe its about a past life. Then I come back, and I know I could live there again. I know I'm some how related but its through a side of my ancestors that lived in Ireland. They lived in a nice house there in Ireland and they had their own estate(in the past) In the dream I know the clan name. When I wake up I can't remember the family clan name. Its a really strange dream. I've had different variations of this dream. Where I lived there at the same mansion as part of the royal family. Other times Im a princess there and I married into the family from a sibling. So if anyone has any insight about dream please let me know. I've dreamt different things about this place at least 4 times throughout my life. I don't get why I keep dreaming it. I do think there is a reason for it. I just dunno. Thanks in advance:)

  • I believe this is a past lifetime in which you did not resolve all the issues or learn the lessons that came up in it. It is somehow connected to your present life and the issues you are having now. What emotions did you feel in the dream or afterwards? Were there any people you felt drawn to or recognized?

  • @TheCaptain In the dream I felt a longing to go back to that house and stay there. But in the dream I thought I left the house. But I actually got into a car accident. I died there in the driveway. In the dream I was stuck in a cycle of thinking I left and moved on. But I didn't, I was stuck there in that house. I just dont know where this place is. What does it have to do with my life now?

  • @TulipLilly maybe you are filled with longing for your 'old' home and every other place doesn't feel like it?

  • @TheCaptain That could be. It makes sense. I think when I get some spare time. I'm going to try and meditate about it. See if that can help me. I've had other dreams from when I was younger. But I think it was of a different family. I actually saw pictures of people, like black and white. They were pretty vivid. Thanks for your input too. I appeciate it 🙂

  • @TulipLilly it may not be the actual place you long for but the family feeling it engendered.

  • @TulipLilly I'm no psychic, but I've been looking into quantum healing hypnosis. It can help people heal and understand how their past lives are affecting their current life. This can even be done remotely. If you aren't getting anywhere with your meditative searching, maybe try a session. Just a suggestion. Look up BQH in google so you can see what it's all about and if its something you'd be interested in.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @IrieEden ok thanks I appreciate that 🙂

  • Please think that you are really live in dream.

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