Trouble in paradise

  • I've recently met a cancer men who at first did not think that I would like him as much but I met his family and his close friend and they all liked me and liked my vibe. Anyways we started having sexual relations after we met (it was too soon and early) but later I revealed something to him that I was told by my doctor (curable STI/) he knows that I am sorry for giving it to him even tho we were protected during our intercourse. I've apologized over and over and he said he forgave me understand. Recently I broke it off bc he didn't know if we could be together right now. He respected my feelings and thoughts and said he wanted the best for me. Will he come back after I broke it off? I miss him dearly? and I have to admit but I think I love him to. Sorry if TMI.

  • You gave this guy a bad medical scare and I doubt he will chance it again with you. Cancer men rarely return if their partner turns out to be different to what they thought/hoped for.

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