Gemini man. How to pin him down?

  • Scorpio women here. Months ago sympathy with my co-worker developed. Gemini one:) As soon as I saw him, I fell for him. Chemistry before saying a single word. I flirted, he wrote me, we messaged daily during quarantine for 1 month. One day before coming back to work, I invited him for a walk and he was joking around and didn't come. I was furious! Texting for a month, and no seeing...So next day I came back to work moody expecting some typical actions - I mean invite to hang out (since my invite was rejected) or whatever. Since it didn’t happen, I was pissed off, and I think I scared him off. The concept of us feeling romantic towards each other stayed unsaid, not clarified, in the air...Chatting slowed down a bit, because I believe he thought that I was flirting for fun and didn't like him in romantic way, I thought the same about him. So nothing was clear. However, he was always around, showing attention in subtle, unique ways, trying to talk with me as much as possible about anything, we still messaged each other, he was very nice to me, but nothing direct like “I like you, would you like to hang out". He stated, women and men are alike, so women could show initiative too. Adding that he is very shy (actually he is:)). So I invited him several times to meet expecting some actions from his side (he never invited me anywhere btw). Each time during our “meetups” (3-4) he was telling about past girls reaching for him and present tinder girls (he said he didn’t care about them). He even told that he is going to see 2 of them the next day. I was disappointed (who is brags about girls to a girl who flirted with you) and wished him good luck with the dates and after that evening things have changed (July). He stopped messaging me, and become quite mean, acting hot and cold and it was obvious that I hurt him in some way. Though he still shows affection and is caring when I’m upset/tired, but avoids me, gets angry easily, doesn’t choose his words, when I asked him why are you so mean, several times he said “because you deserved it” (later saying it’s a joke). When I get pissed off, from ignorant he converts to a kitten - gentle and talkative, shows attention and that he cares and it’s genuine. If I am sweet he is opposite. When he got a new job, I was first person he told about this, when I was sick, he was writing me asking if I'm, he trusts me, he even teases me about liking him, though when I tease him, he is not that happy. He leaves in a month to work in another country (coming back time to time), and I'm going nuts not knowing how to confess my feelings to him, because if I won't say anything I would never forgive myself. I know it sounds stupid, but just so many misunderstandings happened, I don't know how to approach him. He is very peculiar, and I don't want to scare him off by saying "I have feeling for you from day one" or to kiss him randomly, you know what I mean. But on the other hand, hints never helped with him, and since the sparkle is a bit down, I know that some grand gesture, unexpected way of expressing my feelings is needed, since he is leaving. Help me guys, that Gemini is complicated, I never met anyone like him before, I don't know how to act.

  • @MarieCurie

    I know this thread is old but your situation is eerily similar to a situation like mine. I'm a Gemini woman though, but I believe I am qualified to answer.

    How knowledgeable are you about natal charts? I'm saying maybe your Gemini is a typical Gemini in normal circumstances unless it comes to love. Since you say he's shy, he probably has a Venus in an introverted sign. Venus in a natal chart is how a person behaves in love. You can find out about this if you know his date of birth and place of birth. I would guess he either has a Venus in Taurus or Cancer based on your description of him. Maybe Cancer because he seems sensitive when it comes to love. Anyway, I will try my best to help you out but take my advice with a grain of salt because like I said, I'm not sure what his other signs are but he definitely will not behave like a Gemini in love.

    I'm just going to go that he is sensitive when it comes to love. I don't know your Gemini's history but maybe he has had some issues in his past where love was not reciprocated well, that deeply hurt him, and so he emotionally shut down and retreated into his shell. He could very well have real feelings for you that he withholds because I know that typical Geminis display the symptoms you just mentioned when they are romantically attracted to someone.

    But you said he started to become mean and you said you might have hurt him. If he is sensitive in love, expect him to withdraw until you somehow confessed to him or asked for his forgiveness if you know deep in your heart that you have done something that hurt him. I do think Geminis can be prideful but we are forgiving. If we sense that you are sincere with your actions, we will open back up with you. But if you keep dragging and dragging this confession that you're planning, the more you will build up resentment in him because he is probably waiting for you to make amends for the perceived wrongs that you've done (or that you actually did, since you are saying that you might have hurt him.)

    What I'm saying is... if you really do care about him, and if he cares about you enough to be sweet and caring in spite the fact that you have hurt him, maybe the best way to end this conflict that you do have is to take the first step and talk to him about it. Geminis are communicators, we like to talk things through and we hate it when we're not being heard. So your non-response maybe a sign of rejection to him because you are refusing to communicate the truth of your feelings and clarify your emotions, and this makes him angrier since he's sensitive he can probably tell there's something you're hiding and he could imagine all sorts of scenarios until you clarify this with him.

    So I suggest you reach out to him. If he truly cares then he will most likely respond. I mean there's nothing suspicious about texting asking what's up or maybe just catching up, right? The worst thing that could happen is he doesn't reply, but like I said, if you're coming from a sincere place, he will probably sense it and will respond.

    Best of luck with your Gemini and have a great day.

  • @radiantskies8 I must say this topic is old but I had to respond. To all scopiro women know this we gemini men love you but because of your possessive way we run away

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