Leo Female & Sagittarius Male... Closure Questions?

  • Are sagittarius the type to let go... or get over things quickly?

    Or does that depend more on hisself?

    The Sagittarius was chasing me for 2 years through our friendship

    and eventually we dated for about a year and it was a relationship everyone dreams for.

    But obviously things ended, on a bad note too.

    I still think about him but I wonder since he was so set on having me for so many years,

    do you think he still has bent up or held in feelings?

    I just need to know if Sagittarius are easy at creating closure.

  • well ok im a sag (never been in relationship) but i can help, cause ive seen my brother that is a sag also, break up with his pieces ex, and now hes with a Leo girl, which he tells me how great she is, and how much they have in common, etc.... if it was on a bad note..... he will probably move to a new girlfriend quickly almost like a rebound, BUT sags always think about the one that got away, in some way hope they would show interest in getting back together, my brother still talks about his ex alot,(cause she hangs around with me, and my sister, and sister friends) they dated for 5 years, so she made friends, i know she still misses him too but they fought alot!!!, so maybe it for the better.

    he chased you for 2 years!! ITS NO DOUBT he still has feelings for you still, and i bet still thinks about you, is he with anyone? whens the last time you talked? when you broke up on a bad note, how long ago was that?

  • Hi........

    I think I can give you some good advice on this one. I am Sag and so is my ex BF. From my experience and being the way I am, if I had strong feelings for a person at one point it is verrry possible for me to still hold some feelings towards them.......DEPENDING...on why we broke up...I mean if it was something really bad alot of Sags will swear the person off. It also depends on how long you have been apart now....and also what has happened during that separation time. If you left him alone and did not try to contact him since you have been apart....he may be over what happened but he wont tell you that right away.

    The way both me & my ex were when we had a fight , we would both stop talking for a while....usually a couple weeks to a month. Then one of us would text eachother saying hello and "how have u been"...that kind of thing...and we would both be happy to hear from the other....eventually after that we would always end up hanging out and it would start again.

    So, my advice to you if you want to try again with a Sag is to contact him in a friendly, happy manner (Sags cant stand sulking people)....be honest and tell him that you have been thinking about him and wonder if he wants to hang out...DO NOT say that you want to talk about the relationship...just enjoy the present. Then see what happens. If he does not "bite" right away or respond..DO NOT show him that you are upset and DO NOT continue trying to contact him...he will respond when he is ready. We always do at some point...if we care for the person, which I am sure he does after your history together.

    Good luck!

  • I'm a sag girl 2 and I agree with Silana, once we made a relashionship even if we break it, we've left our own personal stamp on it and we'll always be connected. Our element is fire, and we are kinda romantic people, and I'll just say this, I'm not critisizin sags cause i am 1 but we can easily give up on something but not on a relationship. If he was chasin after you thats something cause we are confident and we believe we can charm anyone so we don't put in effort. He must really like you. But us sags like to put up a good fight, so don't show your weakness cause we kinda like strong willing people, or tough ones. People say I'm a tomboy and thats partly the reason boys crush on me cause I'm nice and I understand them plus they think I look attractive. I'm not being big headed here but show that you can cope with condidtions without him. It doesn't matter which sign he is but it kinda works with all boys. For e.g. my school partner always argued with me so I changed my partner and I would always be smilin so he started to kinda of be more friendly. Secretley on the inside he still remembers you and he'll think about you.So show him you exsist and be bubbly smile a lot because that is what attracts a sag.

    I know this entry was late but just givin you advice if you still want him back.

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