Hungout with Pisces man, hasn’t texted me yet?

  • This guy and I have been friends for a while, 4 months, just through the internet. We vibe really well and I feel like his personality is just so amazing. He’s super funny and just chill. We talk about a lot of things, he opens up to me a lot, and he says that’s a bit hard sometimes for him yet he’s an open book? I don’t know. We text all day and even FaceTime every single day. We hungout today for the first time and it’s been four hours and I haven’t gotten a text. I know it’s fine because we are just friends but I do have a mild crush on him, after seeing him in person. I don’t know if he was attracted to me. He said I’m weird but like in a good way? I think I’m overthinking. But how would I know if he was into me, and why hasn’t he texted? Also he viewed my Snapchat story. I know he’s with friends right now but usually he still texts.

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