Cat died suddenly. Help!

  • My cat passed away the day after Christmas after we found her in critical condition and rushed her to the emergency vet. I made the decision to euthanize her since her chance of survival was low and wanted to end her pain.

    She was indoors the entire day before she died and showed no signs of illness. What was the cause of her illness? The vet still could not give us an answer of how this could have happened so suddenly and said she has never seen anything like it. My family is in turmoil and distress thinking about her death and want to prevent it from happening to her sibling cat.

  • What were your cat's symptoms?

  • @TheCaptain bleeding from the mouth and found piles of hairball vomit, food puked, bile.. she was laying on her side near death with her tongue out and bleeding.

  • I feel like your pet ingested something toxic from around the house.

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