Just for Fun - What positive surprise will come about in 2021 Challenge

  • This is a challenge for everyone as it is just some fun and not to be taken serious.
    Anyone can join in; All you have to do is Add your name and DOB and or reply to someones reply.
    In a few days time 2020 will end and we all have had a horrible time because of covid 19. So would it be nice to look forward and ask the question "What do you think my life will be like. in 2021?"
    The idea is to write what every your instincts tells you. In other words have a guess,
    Good luck
    You can update us with what happened or is happening.

  • Jacqueline Ann 18/01/58

  • Jessica 10/10/92

  • @LibraJustice
    Ty for asking to join in the fun. Please remember that it is for fun in my case a guess; I am not doing any Tarot readings, Astrology or Horoscope charts; numberology or psychic readings. I will just be writing what came in my head. OK
    So here goes.
    Ty for asking to join in the fun. Please remember that it is for fun in my case a guess; I am not doing any Tarot readings, Astrology or Horoscope charts; numberology or psychic readings. I will just be writing what came in my head. OK
    So here goes.
    Happy New Year! It is a new beginning; for the coming year; starting a new phase of your life. You are restarting in a familiar location, but it is different as you now see it in a different light tinted by your life experiences.
    You will be communicating with past friends and love ones. This is to make your peace; explain you side of the story and ready yourself for what might happen. There are multiples opportunities for what might happen. One no response, two response unfavourable three response favourable. What ever response happens you will be ready to greet those people who featured in your past with a light happy heart when you meet in person.
    As I said it will be a new beginning so as you visit familiar places remember happy or not so happy times you will evaluate the place, time, and people you created the memory with. This will lead you to evaluate what it was in past loves that was the catalyst to you being positive, inspired, can do, in love.
    In the coming year you will have more than one suitor, so remember no settling evaluate what they have to offer as you are special unique and worthy of the absolute best.
    You are ready for courtship and marriage. Your own home and family life (3 children). Starting a new way of being economical productive and open to Continuing Professional Development. Yes, I see the family and some pets.
    I feel a pink aura overall with red from a relationship. There is plenty of blue and your home aura will be green.
    For some reason While I was writing the above, I was singing the coke song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlR0KElxxVg
    Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0TInLOJuUM

  • @Jayann that's all good hun 🙂

  • @LibraJustice
    We all know about Horoscope love compatibility and numerology love compatibility, but did you know about Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility?
    Well have a go
    https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/social_customs/zodiac/compatibility.htm - Chinese
    https://www.numerology.com/numerology-news/numerology-compatibility-life-path-number -Numerology

    Jordon and Jessica https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/social_customs/zodiac/compatibility-test.htm?u1=Jordon&u2=Jessica&d1=1992-08-20&d2=1992-10-10

    Jessica Life Path 5 Jordon Life Path 4
    Life Path 5 and 4 compatibility
    According to Numerology, Life Path number 5 and Life Path number 4 make up a challenging combination. 4s like routine and predictability while 5s prefer change and the unexpected. Often, these two can be each other's polar opposites, which explains the initial attraction. The Life Path 4 may be drawn to the 5's daring approach to a dynamic life; the 5 may admire the control and discipline the 4 seems to have. The resulting relationship might feel like a roller coaster ride. Both differ socially: 5 is far more wild, although 4 can come out and play when the occasion calls for it. In matters of opinion, 4 and 5 will often find each other in opposition. 4 probably leans more toward the right of the spectrum, while 5 leans left. For this partnership to work, the mutual love must be strong enough to allow each person room to stick to his or her lifestyle of choice. If both partners remain flexible and don't take themselves too seriously, love can bloom.

  • Thank you so much for this very interesting you have put Jodon (its Jordan) and Jessica
    He was my first love and hopefully, when returning home that I and him could possibly reconcile as we dated from 2009 (when we were both 16) and broke up in 2010 (17) we almost got together again in 2013 but due to a bad fallout that we stopped all communication. I tried to reach out in Sept 2020 but I believe he doesn't use Facebook anymore so I ended up writing a 4-page letter that I sent to my uncle works with him to give but I am not sure if he has already given it to him or if he still has it waiting for me to return and retrieve the letter.
    I was not expecting this at all ❤
    With the first, I am hoping with my return back home on the 21st that it is the start of the piece and I am going in as not the same Jess like I was before a brand new me. I am ready for marriage and children ❤ three children sound amazing to me as I thought for the longest time I could not have any ❤
    I know you said not to settle and I have currently been talking to someone who I find myself very interested in his name is Mike from Georgia well born in Maryland but lives in Georgia. We click very well just currently talking atm but who knows maybe when I come home sometime down the road we may meet in person with one another and see how it goes ❤
    Thank you again for all of this 🙂

  • @Jayann Jourdan 9/9/1994

  • @Jodomi
    working on it.
    Please remember this is just fun and a guess with not relevant to tarot, numerology, astrology or horoscopes..

  • @Jayann that is fine, I look forward to seeing it either way xx

  • @Jodomi 2021 is going to be the year of all kind’s friendships both platonic and love relationships. You are going to have plenty of opportunity to find you soul mate. That special someone(s) who you have that connection with that makes you feel like you are in the stratosphere and light up like a hydrogen light bulb.
    Live everyone else on Earth you are going to review all aspects your life. You are going to find that you have the motivation to evaluate how important to you each activity is to you. I know it works and you have always done it that way, but you do not get any enjoyment from doing that activity etc. Because of Covid you want to say you “did it my way”. So, if it means changing your job, start studying, moving home, etc this will be your year.
    Your finances will improve as you will find enjoyment in things which are FREE. Birdwatching, gardening, or cooking. Things you excel in, but life made you put aside such as writing and reading poetry, painting, sewing, music in other words your creative world will come alive again.
    Your view of the internet will change.
    Good luck take care and stay safe. I have come to the end but please remember that this was just for fun and I have not done any of those skilful things others on this site can do for you. Sorry again for taking so long but my life got in the way and I just could not write.


    Jodomi and ?
    4 and 6
    Life Path 4 and 6 compatibility
    In Numerology, it is not that common for Life Path numbers 4 and 6 to fall in love. They have plenty in common -- both are practical and highly responsible, both are family-oriented -- but they are rarely interested in each other. They tend to compete where one might expect them to support each other. If interest does bloom, however, the alliance will probably be comfortable and strong, and will most likely last a long time. Some might even call the relationship indestructible, because a 4 and a Life Path 6 can become inseparable. Still, there may be trouble beneath the surface: while 4s rely on structure and control to express love to others, 6s rely on sacrifice and forgiveness. 4s are less flexible and often accuse 6s of being too soft and forgiving. 6s appear more loving than 4s, although this is rarely the case. If both partners remember that they have the same values, their relationship can survive.

    Discover the other critical Numerology numbers affecting your love life »
    Still working on it but have some personal issues.

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