Help im confused and don't know what future holds

  • Hey everyone hope you all had a great Christmas

    Could I please have a reading im a gemini 10 th June 1984 and he is a Scorpio 13 rh November 1988. We had been together for 3 years and have been having loads of issues and everything just feels like a complete mess. I absolutely love him very much but not sure if we have a future together I did finish with him a.d he gone back home to his mums. It universe is against us all the time. Many thanks

  • This relationship can work out well as a love relationship. It is bound to be lively and pleasure-oriented, without too much attachment. It is unlikely to focus on the material world, thus pretty ungrounded and unrealistic. Your charming partner, who will often shoulder all the financial and real-world obligations, can feel some relief in this relationship, although his sense of responsibility may remain high. Finding a less materialistic relationship more natural, you Kate may take the lead here, showing him how to free himself of heavy obligations. Letting go and non-attachment, both spiritual principles, are important in this relationship, and the two of you will often break up and makeup in order to learn these lessons. Once you learn to relax and let each other just be, the lesson will be learned. The more you cling to each other, the more the breakups will occur. It can be especially hard for your partner to ease up and let go of relationships. In your love affair, sexual ecstasy will serve a spiritual more than a carnal purpose. The two of you may be excellent candidates for different forms of daily meditation or yoga (including tantric yoga, where enlightenment is achieved through sexuality). You Kate can help your partner get started or moving, and he can provide the security and stability that you so desperately need.

    Marriage here will benefit from your partner's practicality but also from your astuteness and incisiveness. Family ties will be important - get-togethers with friends and relatives on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions being a particular joy. The two of you may find it especially easy - perhaps too easy - to handle money, which you will think of as a fluid energy medium rather than a commodity or possession. There is a risk that your lack of concern for money could bring on financial difficulties however, even ruin.

    ADVICE: Don't hold onto each other so tightly - allow freedom of being and doing. Beware of becoming ungrounded. Be practical. Take money a bit more seriously. Equally carry out your daily domestic tasks.

  • @TheCaptain thank you very much we have broken up couple weeks ago.. I want a future him as I feel he is the one but im not sure how to achieve it. I have 3 children from a previous marriage.. im afraid to put all my time into a relationship than it doesn't workout

  • @Kate - caring, communication and honesty are the basis of a good love relationship. Be honest with him about how you feel and your doubts.

  • @TheCaptain thank you very much for your response we ave say sown and spoke to each other and we are going to try and work at the relationship. We have both agreed different ways to deal with situations we get into. I told him how.i feel and vice versa. We both have more understanding of each other aswell. I hoe in the future we can live together again.

  • Sounds good!

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