I can't understand my cancer ex! Help!

  • I'm a gemini women (virgo moon), my ex is a cancer (leo moon). He dumped me a month ago. We dated for a year and 4 months. He said he wanted to be "friends" but blocked me on insta because he said he needed "space" and he uses instagram when he feels down. He doesn't like it when i text him too much though and told me to stop or he'll block me everywhere so I stopped. I read that if i wanted him back, I would have to be very very patient and I'm not usually patient but I decided to give it a shot because I really want him back. So, yesterday he decided to watch a movie and I asked him if I could join him and he said I could. After the movie we were just talking normally and all of a sudden he said he wanted to do something alone. And he just left, and became really cold towards me and uninterested in talking. I decided to leave him alone for the night and not text him and all of a sudden he texted me asking what i was doing. And when I was about to tell him what I was doing he just said "you probably dont want to tell me" and said "gn"

    So, I called him and told him I was waiting for him to text me and we ended up video calling and he kept saying I was beautiful and shit. And all of a sudden he started making me feel bad and guilting me about what he used to do for me when we were together and at the end he told me he wasn't going to contact me anymore for a few months; when I asked why. He told me so I'll be able to move on and stuff like that. And when i asked "what if i can't move on" he was just like "i dont know".

    We ended calling and fell asleep and this morning he said he won't contact me today, but he said he'll come back in a few months. Im not sure what to do to be perfectly honest. He always told my sister that he loves me and will fight for me but he isn't doing that. I'm fighting for us to be together and he doesnt even bother.

    Although, since I'm a gemini, I used to enjoy my free time when we were together. I would watch alone and just chill for hours alone but that didn't mean I didn't love him. He used to get really upset if I didnt spend the whole day with him.

    I really just don't want to let him go even though i know that's the best thing to do but I'm scared because I really do love him and he might move on quickly and never contact me again. I don't know how to get him back. Help...

  • I am feeling this guy has at least one other woman in his life and, when things go wrong there, he contacts you for sympathy and support.

  • @Moony
    “And all of a sudden he started making me feel bad and guilting me about what he used to do for me when we were together...”
    This, I think is important. He’s telling you what the issue is. It’s not just about spending all day with him. It’s about appreciating that he wanted to spend all day with you among other things.
    I think he does care about you and still wants to be friends, but he did say he wants to give you time to move on.

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