Tarot Card Card Breakdown

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently looking for methods and approaches towards remembering the keywords of cards and how to apply them to any situation.

    • How were you able to remember what each card stands for?

    • What is your opinion about reading based off intuition and looking at the imagery? (ie. A 3 card spread all having some sort of wings in the picture, something is "taking flight")

    • Is it better to read based off intuition or know actual meanings? I ask because when I practice using my intuition, the actual meaning and what I felt don't link up.

    I am sorry for all the questions and I'm just looking for other approaches because I've exhausted the research approaches I did before. I watched various YouTube readers and everyone has a different meaning for each card.

    Any and all tips are appreciated!

  • @SereneWaters
    Ok my personal opinion and experience is that keywords act as a 'jumping off point'.
    They work, to some degree and are only a guide to trigger the intuition.
    It's good to have the basic knowledge of the keywords associated to each card, it's also useful to have some knowledge of tarot history so you can understand how and why keywords we're assigned.
    In the bigger picture of reading tarot, intuition is key. Without it you are limited to 78 meanings and life is way more complex than just 78 situations.
    Repeating images (like wings) can be a strong indicator of a theme but you have to know what wings mean to you. Every symbol is there for your own interpretation, wings may mean one thing to you and something totally different to someone else, which is why you need to trust yourself with what you see/feel.
    If intuition works for you then that's great, but keywords can play a role and can help when you hit a blank.
    Remember though, keywords traditionally assigned to cards were the keywords of the tarot creators and may not feel right for you.
    Go through your deck and make your own keywords e.g 5 of Cups =sadness. How that 'sadness' is interpreted is then based on intuition (and surrounding cards).
    Just have fun when using the cards, there are no right or wrong ways to read tarot.


  • It's literally up to you how you want to interest the cards. I read mostly off the card meanings and what story they show. However, I have a friend that reads more on intuition than what the card meaning says. There isn't no right or wrong its whatever feels right to you.

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