Help!!Taurus Man says je Never felt something ?!

  • Hey everyone.
    Even after all this years i can‘t forget about it.I met this Guy at work.we immediately connected somehow and got along pretty well.He was one of my supervisors but at my age(he even was 3 months younger than i).
    it now has been 3 years since we saw each other the last Time. I’m an Aquarius Woman and sure a typical one. we worked together for 4 years .(in a restaurant) The first Year was pretty normal,we got along,having normal fun at work with everyone,but it was all platonic,nothing romantic happened. then all of a sudden he started to change his behaviour around me. He became touchy and flirty. i never thought about him that way but when he started flirting over months i fell for him.everyone noticed and were asking me if we were secretely dating . he tried to spent time with me at work whenever he could and clearly wanted to touch me whenever he had the chance to. when i took a break at work,he would also do.when i went outside to smoke,he did the same ,when he had to do some grocery shopping for work,he took me with him,noeone else. we always teased each other in a cute way (he mainly started it )he often looked me in the eyes for a long time and when he did my heart was time we sat next to each other and i playfully took his phone from him and he started to playfully get it back.he grabbed my hand and his hand rested on mine for a minute. there were much our company it was forbidden to date a supervisor and everything just happened at work. we once texted a night but after this never again. after 3 month of constant flirting and touching he suddenly changed,he started avoiding me ,ignoring. it seemed like he hated me all of a sudden. i tried to talk to him about it but he alsways said he doesn’t want to talk to me alone. in that time we used to have arguments all the time at work.. like reaaaally often even in front of guests, what never happened before. then i heard him having a conversation with others.he said he would work in another country in a few heard dropped and i felt awful.
    we never talked again.Now it has been three years when all of this happened. 1 year ago i texted him on whatsapp to make things clear between us ,even after we haven’t seen each other for 2 years. i asked him if he felt something.He said NO(?!) i never had feelings for you and i didn’t treat you different. i didn’t answer. that was 2 years ago and i still cant get him off my mind completely. is it possible he lied about his feelings for me? i mean why would he flirt all these month with me ?? i was the only one he was flirting with. i also knew he was never in a relationship this time .. but there is no reason to lie about his feelings after all this time i think.. but i dont get why he acted like that . ( ps: he still lives and works in another country)

  • @Jame93
    Aqua lady. I’m curious about your placements. I’m curious because you said you’re a typical Aquarian, but Aquarian’s are famous or infamous for their ability to detach. In the end, he decided to move to another country. Maybe his behaviour changed because a relationship wasn’t in his plans or maybe the relationship was in the other country. You may never find out, but why waste your energy on someone that isn’t here for you today?

  • You said you never felt romantic feelings for him until he started coming on to you - could you be confusing love for an enjoyment of someone's attention?