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  • @Jayann Hi Jayann, I drew the queen of swords front and center in present position. It's a call moving forward, furthering your education, pointing in the direction for consideration of the cards that are before it. A clear path is needed, better communication. You foggy on your path forward, let the light shine--queen of swords present/moon in future position. You're having challenges accepting a new path, new start, things as they were are done--death in challenges. I think you may need to accept and not control. The emperor is rev in the advice position. If not, change old structures with new. Don't hang onto the old. What you are hanging onto does not control you. Refusal and rigidity do not work anymore--4 of cups rev crowning and emperor rev in advice. You're being called-out of this outlook whether self-imposed or an influence right now. Being a victim or inability to move is not beneficial for you. Again, you're being called out of this. When you realize this, new opportunity is ahead. Your question has a lot of do with material blessings, opportunities. Because the ace of coins is in the outcome and the queen of swords in present, you're being moved forward to new opportunities as long as you accept them and recognize opportunities to move forward. A new road. Invest in yourself, not in friends. Acceptance of own failures in moving forward--hanged man in blocks. You can't move forward without self evaluation. Don't hold onto things or old thinking from the past that has to do with control. This reading feels like you need to trade old thinking with new. The new is going to center around less control, new path and study, acceptance. Maybe a tendency to mild depression because of control issues that may be imposed on you. This doesn't serve you.

  • @Daliolite Jayann cards
    present-queen of swords
    crowning-4 of cups rev
    foundation-king of wands rev/this is a clear indication to get out of a rut
    situation-10 of coins rev
    past-8 of swords rev
    blocks-hanged man
    friends-2 of coins
    advice-emperor rev
    outcome-ace of pentacles

  • @Pata Will try and get to yours soon. dalio

  • @Pata interesting reading. It's talking about forging ahead, however, you need to follow traditional wisdom. You've been conned and tricked before--magician present position, hierophant future position, 10 of cups advice. King of wands outcome-this is a new path w/new insights you've learned along the way. Notice he's sitting looking carefully to the past. He's in no hurry. Remember this. Obsession, over indulgence, bonds are hard to break. Any addictive behaviors. A call to traditional wisdom over self indulgences--devil rev in challenges, paired the hierophant in future position. A tendency to not take responsibility in blocks. So you have to forge ahead-magician, king of swords rev in blocks, king of wands outcome. Have you ever talked to a counselor. I get feeling may be need here. You're ready to forge a new path. Be careful!!

  • @Dallyalot cards
    Situation-3 of coins rev/ready to lay what you have on the line
    Past-2 of cups
    Crowning-10 of wands/hard learnt lessons
    Foundation-4 of sword rev
    Challenges-the dev rev
    Blocks-king of swords rev/could be a paternal figure
    Friends/assoc-8 of swords
    Advice-10 of coins/good card in this position. I still get the traditional feel from
    Outcome-king of wands

  • @Dallyalot hi, had to create a new user. Thanks for the reading, I wonder what is it about the counselor? At this moment I'm feeling well, letting go my past relationship but open to the new. Also, what is traditional wisdom and when is suggested? Like there is not anything for me in Love in the near future? Just, I guess I got a little bit lost with the meaning of the reading. I appreciate your patience

  • @paho hi read and meditate on it. I don't predict the future. There are indicators that this relationship will move forward. Just be careful of anything keeping you in unhealthy bonds devil rev in challenges. Don't move too quick is prob my advice.

  • @Dallyalot ohh I understand now, I wasn't sure we were talking about that relationship. You're right, I'm working on remove from my life unhealthy bonds as you say. Sometimes I get attached quickly and fail to see what doesn't work. Love your insight and will meditate on it.

  • @LibraJustice hi libraJustice, will start yours soon

  • @paho ok dev paired w hierophant. Unhealthy bonds

  • @LibraJustice Hi, seems there was talk of a family before. Truth seeking in present part of reading page of swords in present. Problem solving instead of confrontation. Holding onto thoughts, words from past. A need to let go of hurts. Running away from past hurts, conflicts--7 of swords in advice. Bringing the past up, old hurts etc will not help this relationship. Wishful thinking won't help. There are no cup cards in this reading. If you're trying to navigate this relationship, it feels like someone is going to have to forget the past . I don't know if you can do this. There's a feeling here of the truth will set you free--devil situation paired w the page of swords w the sun in future position. Burying the hatchet instead of carrying it. Maybe there was no closure before. If you want to see where this goes it's time to just forgive or move on.
    Present page of swords
    Situation devil
    Past 10 of coins
    Crowning 5 of coins rev
    Foundation hierophant
    Challenges star rev
    Future the 🌞
    Blocks 7 of coins rev
    Friends/assoc 5 of wands
    Advice 7 of swords
    Outcome wheel of fortune rev

  • @Dallyalot thank you so much for the reading. We dated from 2009-2010 both young and no there was no closure from our break up as he did the breaking up. We almost tried again in 2013 but due to a bad fallout we stopped communication with one another. In September Of this year I reached out through Facebook messenger apologising over my actions in the relationship as there was naiveness and selfishness involved. He hasn’t read it yet as I believe he may not be on Facebook anymore. 3 days ago I wrote out the apology letter plus my feelings about him in which ended up being a 4 page letter including the only photo is taken when we dated as a nostalgia. I sent it to my uncle who works with him which may not get to him until next month and I am going home next month towards the end of January and hopefully then we can meet with one another to forgive one another and either find closure or try one more time.

  • @LibraJustice I don't think he wants to hold onto things from the past. It makes him relive. Moving forward

  • @Bluangel27 hi will start yours soon. Will do a general reading.

  • @Dallyalot which would mean that would be no relationship between us. Which i have come to realise I’m okay with it was what it was at the time and there was too much hurt which I can understand his reasoning of not wanting to reconcile

  • @LibraJustice I don't predict future. The feeling was less talk about past moving forward.

  • @Dallyalot
    Okay no worries sort when I read that I was getting up for the morning thank you❤

  • @Dallyalot bluangel27 recently a lot of the cards I'm drawing for everyone are similar or same themes. I feel it's a need for me to talk about themes or scenarios for you to avoid moving forward. Everyone seems interested in future when things in present actually predict future. Ok someone from past out of picture. You've overcome, conquered demons in present. A very expansive time currently. You feel like you're in control and you should. You've helped, given and nurtered in relationships. Holding back on finances in advice position. You've gotten back on feet. You want to stay there. Someone in future not ready to go the extra mile-king of wands blocked paired knight of pentacle in friends. Acceptance of others w/o taking on their burdens-dev rev Crowning, 5 of coins rev foundation, knight of pentacle. Enjoy this very expansive and good feeling in present thankful for your opportunities. Be careful of an offer at face value esp at work-4 of coins advice, knight of pent in friends and assoc. Be realistic w what you have-star outcome and 4 of coins paired. You can be overly optimistic. Need to be realistic. Unhealthy bonds have been broken coming from past and present parts of reading. Need to think about what you really want and communicate. Lack of communication. No cup cards and few swords. The focus seems to be on where you're at and where you've been if you can relate. The reading is talking about finances and need to get that in order moving forward.
    World in present
    5 of coins rev in foundation
    The devil rev Crowning
    4 of swords rev in situation
    Page of swords rev in past-did someone just leave
    4 of wands rev in challenges
    Queen of coins in future
    King of wands in blocks
    Knight of coins in friends/assoc
    4 of coins in advice
    🌟 in outcome

  • @jenniferamy hi, starting yours will try and have up soon dalio

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