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  • @Dallyalot there's recurrent themes in your reading. For this to move forward there's some red herring present or white elephant that needs to be spoken about truthfully-knight of swords present. Whatever it is, it's a game changer-strength rev, 🌟 in situation, wheel of fortune rev in foundation. Some obvious obstacle to moving forward. Wishful thinking won't get to the bottom of it. The wishful thinking is from you. The emperor in future is not budging. It'll be like pulling teeth to get to some issue. I think you won't get all the answers if you can relate. This is all in beginning phases. Possiblity of hurt if you don't stay grounded 🌟 in situation w ace of cups rev in advice.
    The cards you drew looked good. This reading is suggesting what to look out for.
    Knight of swords present
    Strength rev Crowning
    Wheel of fortune rev in foundation
    Star in present-star and emo for me are too different outlooks
    3 of coins rev in past
    Chariot rev in challenges
    Emperor in future
    6 of wands in blocks-will not find out what you need to know
    6 of swords rev in friends /assoc
    Cups rev in advice
    7 of swords rev in outcome

  • @Dallyalot

    This reading definitely sounds like it is focusing on my past and present with a little hint of the future.

    I ended a relationship with a male friend last year around this time, but he was no King of Wands, just a poor representation of a sad narcissistic Virgo male that can barely rub two cents together. I am still dealing with the hurt from that. I have known him for a long time.

    I don't know what the king of wands is about. you said future, so I haven't met him yet. I am so done with the knight of pentacle characters after that Virgo male. lol.

    The finance advice is. weird to me lately, one reading I got it said to spend money, then another one says save my money..

    I don't know what's coming up for my career since I am trying to get into medical school.

    Thank you for the reading!

  • @Dallyalot thanks to everyone for the opportunity to read for you. Hope I shed some light on questions you had. My readings usually deal with what to look out for in your journey. Dalio

  • @Daliolite
    Twelve months ago I went from moving to another property to solve an issue with this property to staying and having worked done so safe and secure. As a result I have been trying to for the last 8 months to get my landlord to agree to the work,
    This year I have found that asking for help from friends and professionals is ignored. It is hard to being single and no support (family).
    TY for the reading it had been very interesting and informative
    take care and stay safe.

  • @Jayann Hope it helped

  • @Daliolite
    Yes it has

  • @Daliolite hello! My name is Kait. I'm curious about my career prospects. I know you said brief so I'm resisting the urge to go into the backstory. So bottomline... in what field or direction will I find joy in my career? Please and thank you!

  • @IrieEden ok will get to soon

  • @Daliolite thank you!

  • My name: Stephanie
    His name: Mahesh

    What was the real cause of our breakup?

  • @IrieEden I feel like you're at the beginning stage of trying to sort out what to do. You want fufillment and you feel blocked. Going to take money to do something. A lot of choices and feel as though you've made some not too good choices before which adds to the uncertainty. If you're seeking financial help, get rid of unhealthy bonds. It's better not to go the route of friends and assoc. I'm assuming help from family is at stake. This reading is about self-fufilment and doing something yourself. Not depending on friends and assoc. I feel like a job ended in present. You need more details before moving forward. It feels like asking for financial help from another family member. Someone close not happy with some of the choices made before--7of cups foundation, 9 of swords in blocks. In your plan it feels like an all or nothing attitude and not enough planning or skills--9 of cups outcome with justice rev in present. Acceptance of an ending and not doing the same thing. Right now gathering facts, a plan and having the right people around are key. The world is in the challenges position. The World is a very expansive card and can point to higher education. You need more knowledge and some schooling is required. I don't know if more schooling is one of your options but this reading is pointing towards this. Your reading contains 3 positive cards or strengths. There is some financial help although it feels as though some reluctance w/that help. It feels like if you can break through some reluctance on your part and make the healthiest decision you'll get the help. It feels like a family member or spouse very reluctant in regards to what you want to do. If you have questions you can ask now.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius Hi, Have a question--did he walk away from relationship

  • @Daliolite interesting... it was all pretty accurate! I'm a little confused about the family part. I typically refrain from asking help from family, but they have helped with housing n such when I've made poor choices. Its probably one of my greatest fears asking for help financially from anyone. I fail often. I give up and disappointing a loved one is something I dont know that I can live with. I'd never considered asking family for help in that way. To further education, which is what it seems like you're seeing. Any further thoughts on that with this new insight? I am pretty screwed when it comes to getting an education, financially. It does seem like the only way out though and yes, any solution to this problem requires money to get there, but I'm the type of person that feels so depressed doing a job that means nothing to me that I cant ever stick to something. My depression is quite debilitating. Frankly, people end up not wanting me to work there anyway. So I cant pay student debt, cant support myself, cant feel happy and most definitely stuck! I have potentially gotten hired at a new place though. I thought it might hold some promise for a while. Any insight into that? I do apologize for the over-share! I'm still confused about the direction too. I know tarot can be so vague when it comes to such things.

  • @IrieEden I can ask what you can do to find happiness. My own insight is that a job is a gift even if drudgery. Jobs can be stepping stones and not dead ends. Will try another as this one isn't conclusive, not that another will be necessarily. That;s what I thought when I first drew the cards.

  • @Daliolite. My name is Andrea I would love to have a reading if you get time. My question is will i get justice? ✌

  • @Daliolite I’m not sure who walked away. I tried collecting my things from his place because I was going to leave because I thought he didn’t like me anymore from his sudden lack of communication. He told me it was because he was busy and to leave my things behind. I never heard from him since. Three months later I had to contact him to collect my things since he just kept them. To this day, I have no idea why we ended.

  • @Dallyalot were you working or part time or between jobs

  • @ariespiscesaquarius Finances come into play in this reading. Someone doesn't like to share their belongings. I don't know if it was an equal split between the two of you. I don't know if one was contributing more than the other,etc. If he just started a job or was consumed w/work maybe this is what's being brought forth. In the advice position I'm getting the page of coins. This is someone who is fixated on money, getting ahead, advancing especially now. I don't think this relationship was an emotional one as much as a financial one. Feels more like a roomate. It feels like you wanted more especially moving forward and his prospects were finances, money. The outcome position is 4 of wands rev. This was not a romantic relationship. Not the way you wanted. He can't face you--8 of cups foundation, 5 of cups blocks. Some confinement he felt in regards to money and you. Page of coins advice paired w/ 2 of coins in assoc & friends. The fool is in the future position. I draw this card alot for people who need a change of residence and just basically take that plunge because it's just time. In your case it also means to keep your face towards the sun and not let this be a major disappointment/loss for you. Also, keep focused on your own success.

  • @Lovechild11 will try soon

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