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  • @Marishkaa ok, just wanted to clarify. So, will start yours soon.

  • @Daliolite thank you, but are you getting that the only way out of the situation is to send the documents? that i will have to send them in any case? There are some nuances but in general i consider their treatment unfair.And this matter makes me worry a lot, a source of stress for me, as i i counted on this money. I have written a lot of complaints and even found a very similar issue to mine, the decision was in favour of the taxpayer (though partly).

  • @Daliolite thanks

  • @Marishkaa you don't have them is ok. It's ok the documents are not specifically in my reading. I need to get back to your cards and answer the love general reading. Will get to soon

  • @Marishkaa hi I don't feel comfortable w discussing this reading. I'm going to redraw and do a general reading for you. One thing brought out is to avoid dysfunctional bonds in relationships. You are focused on your career and assets which is a good thing. I don't feel that your on equal footing in relationships. It appears you have more if you can relate. I'll do a general reading for you.

  • @Dallyalot thank you. I am not sure, as i have no relationships now, but probably i sometimes tend to be very kind, forget about my own interest, care more about others and worry.

  • @Daliolite I understand. I've already started looking into education programs. ❤

  • @IrieEden Yep good, great move

  • @Marishkaa yes.

  • @Dallyalot one final question... I was debating on doing the traditional schooling route or learning alternative healing methods, like shamanism or hypnosis. I did a reading for myself, reversed hanged man for traditional and 2 of wands for alternative. Idk a lot about the cards, but I figured the alt method would be better since it seemed the more positive card and since you'd received it in your reading too. But I'm wondering if I'm not just avoiding an important life lesson, because the other option has the major arcana. Just taking the easy way out, so to speak. Thoughts? Then I swear, I'll leave you alone!

  • @IrieEden The message in the last reading is...far reaching, education. I know that may sound vague. What you need to study NEEDS or WILL reach many. If you think that's HEALING and there's a demand for that then that's it. I don't do either or, this or that type readings. You're dissatisfied because you are not doing what you're created for. You are arriving at dead ends because it's not your niche. My readings are indicators of the present, not predictions and definately not concrete as I'd be stepping on choices. You may change your mind until you reach your goal. That's ok too. I know choices are hard. Difficulty in choosing was part of your reading. Allow yourself space and time.

  • @Daliolite ok I get it. Thank you again!

  • @Marishkaa I feel like in present there's a stoic feeling imparted on you by a system perhaps of beliefs that you must adhere to. You follow your heart more. Feels like an offer, perhaps an inclination of love from a younger person. This is the part that I didn't feel comfortable talking about before but feel that it's part of this reading too. I feel like your not all together comfortable w/your career. I feel you'll continue to live by rules but need to separate career and personal life. That doesn't answer your question. Do what's right and the rest will take care of itself. This reading is very inconclusive as to your question. It shows you as a very caring person and as such you're drawn to different situations. I feel you're a good money manager and if I was betting, would bet that you recover your tax money. You always give back, however, don't hold back as far as help. I feel there's a certain student or students that you've helped financially. Maybe a student liked you who came from a struggling background. Don't worry about this. You provide something that is lacking in their life. I feel so out in left field saying this but this is the feeling I have w the cards. Some students will be attracted to you. I feel you do the right thing. Know that this is part of what you can encounter. There's more I need to say but don't feel comfortable. If you have question let me know

  • @Jana-Star will start yours soon

  • @Daliolite thank you again very much. Do you mean (and that is why it is uncomfortable) that i can encounter love while working, which can lead to some ethical issues? or are there even some warnings in the cards? Although i am very inconfident and don't generally think i am attractive, i do sometimes feel some students' interest towards me and i do not like it, as it makes me shy and creates some problems for me. Yes, not comfortable with my career to the point that everyday when the day starts i wish it would end soon. Sometimes i feel drained. But i change nothing.
    As to the help, could it be that the help is not financial? as i have never helped in this way (my financial status is much worse than theirs), but i teach indirectly certain aspects of economics. And i sometimes administer exams and i tend to feel compassion for the weakest students, but always worry if it is right to give them this chance. Maybe this is what is meant by help? About being to generous in evaluating them, although i am not the only person who makes the decision.
    And in general i have major in finance, but failed to get a job in this field, although i like this subject, but i do not work in this field, and i know that it is difficult to work for me in offices and such environment, so i don't really know what to do with my career. Actually i wanted to ask initially about career, but though that anyways nothing would change so why ask. and asked about changes in love.

    @Daliolite , as i understand, the cards currently do not show opportunity of serious relationships for me with an older person? only the younger one is shown? I am not enthusiastic about age difference (

  • @Marishkaa I drew the emperor in the present position. This could be an older person. I read it as a distant person. Your reading is hard for me. I'm not surprised that you studied finance. I could see you teaching this. I'm not ruling out romance. Page of cups was rev in advice portion of reading. It may be helpful for you to research the meaning. It was paired w the 10 of coins. You had a few coin cards in reading.

  • @Daliolite thank you very
    Much. Much appreciated

  • @Dallyalot thank you for your reading. It showed some unexpected facts. But so strange i don't feel as 10 of coins, maybe i should focus on reaching this point.

  • @Marishkaa the 10 of coins was in the outcome position. This is what your real question is. So 👍

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