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  • @Daliolite Thank you for your insightful reading! He’s a Pulmonologist/ER Critical Care Physician so at the time (June) he was busy treating covid patients. He was working when we were on our dates and at times, carried a pager. We didn’t live together, but spent every weekend together mostly at his place which was why I had some of my belongings there. He paid for everything... never let me pay for anything. He did angrily say, “I spent a lot of money on you!” after I tried to leave him. I’m not sure if he was struggling with finances, but I guess I’ll never really know.

  • @Daliolite I appreciate the reading and that you're willing to delve deeper. I'm just grasping at straws to get some guidance. I gotta stop looking outside myself for answers though. Just thought maybe you'd see something psychically, that I'm blind to right now.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius It was unclear for me who was grieving or missing the loss. He's focused on his finances.

  • @Daliolite hello and happy new year!
    Could you please do a love reading. I have been single for a very long time, do you see a man for me (for serious relationships)? I sometimes think that maybe love is not for me? Am i doing something wrong? I am Marina.

  • @IrieEden will do another soon

  • @Lovechild11 , Will get to yours soon

  • @IrieEden Well, I drew the World and Queen of Swords in the same reading. A definite push to move forward. Your problem is getting a game plan going. You are not a prisoner. There is a definite lack of planning and talk is self-defeating. Create your paradise--2 of wands crowning. I feel that when you start planning what you would like to do things will change. You want something better but at the same time you self-defeat. The challenge is not running away. I don't think anyone is judging you as much as you--judgment rev in future position. Your question is about finding the "golden path"--3 of wands in outcome. You have one foot on the ground, you want to be grounded. As you move forward I definitely see more education, training. I think you can be of service to people w/depression since you know first hand about this. Perhaps psychology, social work, etc. Your reading is saying that you can do it because you have good cards for this area, study. You can actually overturn your negatives by helping people with the same.

  • @Lovechild11 Your reading is pointing to starting over which I feel that you've already started. Is a change of location in your future. The reading is really about taking-off and starting over. Or just starting over from the struggle you've been thru. I'm not going to say whether this is a good or bad idea if it's an actual change of location. The cards I drew suggest an actual physical move. It also appears that money is an issue. I have no idea the struggle, Some unhealthy bond in present is not moving forward. You will actually have to part ways--if you can relate. I don't see anything gained in present. Looks like better off parting ways. If someone owes you something, don't see them coming thru. 9 of wands in foundation of reading--it's been a struggle, you're sticking to your guns, so to speak. An opening to your path, career to come--ace of wands in friends position. The wand is being handed to you. We are all in charge of our paths and yours has been a struggle. Starting fresh just don't forget the lessons on the road.

  • @Marishkaa Will do yours soon

  • @Daliolite hello I would like a reading for love my birthday is 9/9/1994 if needed, love and light xx

  • @Jodomi ok

  • @Marishkaa Have you been in a position where you've loaned money out.

  • @Jodomi Hi, I can tell the story of what the cards are in this reading. You need to pursue your talents, energy without being taken advantage of. You've shouldered responsibility when it comes to relationships. You've been looking, but there's a lack of fufillment. Don't be afraid to speak-up--ace of swords paired magician. If you play a victim, you'll have those results. Starting fresh--sun is in advice position. There's a young feeling I get in regards to you. Unhealthy relationships will render little--start over/devil in friends and assoc paired with sun in advice. I feel like you're a positive person but have wasted time and energy on the wrong types of people. You're really struggling w/finding the right direction and path to meet healthy people. Be more true to yourself. A new day will dawn and things will be brighter when you be true to yourself. You have to do this before you look to other people. Hold tight to what you believe in ace of swords paired magician. These are all things you are just now learning on your journey. Don't get discouraged.

  • @Daliolite no, but probably you are getting information about an issue with tax authorities. I have the right to a tax refund according to our law, but the authorities demanded some documents from me, and i explained that i had sent everything online and they do not want to recognize it. So currently they refused to refund the money. I have written complaints, but that doesn't help.

  • @Daliolite no, but probably are are getting information about an issue with tax authorities. I have the right to a tax refund according to our law, so i have sent all the necessary documents online, but the authorities do not want to recognise them, as they demand the paper version of the documents *i think yhat they are wrong). I refused to send the docs, as i think that i have already sent everything, but online , so they decided not to make a refund. I have wrote several complaints, but that daoesn't help. The sum is quite significant for me.

  • @Daliolite thank you so much for the 2nd reading! It was spot on. Had me tearing up. I'd love to help people in my position, but always felt like how could I help anyone if I cant even help myself? I think a lot of education and training in healing myself is going to be a part of that and yes, definitely to finally not run away. Thank again so much!!

  • @Marishkaa The bigger issue for you in present is the tax money. Send the forms requested. Ok, have you caretaken, helped w/money, finances in your relationships.

  • @IrieEden Helping more than those in your inner circle. The world card is expansive. You can be of help. Feel education is your key to advancement

  • Hi, i would like to know if romance will blossom for me ( 14 October 1986) and Zayn ( 4 January 1999).

    What do you pick up please?



  • @Daliolite unfortunatey i can't send the documents any more, as the time for doing this has passed, i can only now challenge the decision of the authorities. Do you that i should give them what they demand? as i already forwarded the documents online (digital form).

    @Daliolite as for the question, no, i can't say this, but maybe it is about my job? I am a teacher.

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