Taking requests for readings

  • Taking a few requests. Only need first names and a very brief question.

  • @Daliolite
    First name:Petra
    Hi! Can I get a reading on question- What should I let go off/get rid off/balance(some advice in general).
    It's just that I'm feeling quiet stuck, having thoughts like leaving a relationship for no particular reason(that I'd be aware of). Something is missing in my view on things, something I don't know that could help me, but idk what it is.
    I'm aware the question is probably not very brief so it's okay if you don't answer!
    Have a nice day ♡

  • @Daliolite Hi, my name is Jubisay and my question is what is coming for me in love. Thank you 🙏

  • @PeťaKubi Hi Peta, My readings are indicators of your situation. I dont know specifically how it'll apply for you. I just read the picture and journey, so to speak, that it takes me thru. Hope it helps and resonates for you. I ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Your question is good so don't worry about that. My question for you is do you feel or suspect that your partner has cheated.

  • @PeťaKubi Your reading is talking about doing the right thing/justice is rev in advice position. I think you've done right by your partner, however, helping him is not necessarily helping you/page of wands rev crowning strength w.queen of cups rev in foundation. You're not doing what you love. You're busy helping but not necessarily doing what your heart wants. You already know this. I actually did 2 readings and in both alot of rev cards. This usually indicates dissatisfaction. Someone having a set-back in past or recent past. I feel this setback involves work or career. Failure to move forward which puts a strain on you/ knight of wands rev paired w/3 of coins. Your a nurturer and you're not on equal footing w/partner. One of the questions here is..how much time, effort and money. Look at it in terms of...what is right and just. I think you're a fair, honest person but sometimes we can expend too much time, effort and devotion. Plant the seeds of growth moving forward. Put those positive ideas and plans forward/8 of wands rev. Get grounded. This is your question... How do I feel grounded. Someone, and I think it's your partner, isn't at your maturity level. Decide what you want to deal w/and what you don't and don't worry about it. It's going to take more that just you to help..3 of coins in situation. Responsibility needs to be delegated to all. Get a plan going and do what's right..right for you.

  • @Daliolite Petra, Here are your cards if you want to research further:
    crowning-page of wands rev
    foundation-queen of cups rev
    situation-3 of coins
    past-knight of wands rev-this could be an opportunity not realized or taken
    challenges-6 of coins-this can be you not committing or someone else
    future-the moon rev
    blocks-2 of coins-you have a lot of indecision about money
    friends/assoc-5 of wands rev-maybe assoc have backed away
    advice-justice rev-this could be someone's refusal to do the right thing
    outcome-8 of wands rev. This is your question...how to get grounded. Total absence of sword cards/communication, plans, etc. I feel like your in the beginning phases of transforming, change.

  • @Daliolite said in Taking requests for readings:

    Taking a few requests. Only need first names and a very brief question.

    Carole is the relationship I'm in worth it in the long run?

  • @Jubisay hi Jubisay, will get to yours soon

  • @Daliolite That fits my situation well actually! Thank you! 😄

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @Daliolite
    Can you tell me What is written in the heavens for 2021?
    Take care and stay safe
    Jacqueline Ann

  • @Daliolite Hi Dalio! Thanks for the offer
    My question: is there real chance that a guy I just met and I will develop meaningful romantic relationship? My name Andrea, He is Andres
    If there is not chance I would love to learn what the near future holds for me in terms of a long term relationship.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Jubisay Hi Jubisay, Your reading in present is talking about what a struggle you've been thru. The struggle to get back on your feet. It seems like you might not have faced things, faced the reality. Maybe you just didn't speak your mind or let things play out. A male figure that distanced or just disappeared--emperor rev in situation. Regrouping and getting back on your feet has been a struggle--esp when the other person doesn't help--6 of wands rev in past position, the emperor rev in sit, 8 of swords in foundation, 9 of wands crowning. Home life has been affected esp financially. Seems it's been this way awhile. A broken heart that you're recovering from--3 of swords rev in outcome. This is what your question concerns. Moving on is an obstacle for you. Things will change when you put your wants, needs and wishes at the forefront. You're undecided about what to do. Career is an obstacle. It feels like you'd be happy w/a little help. Are there twins somewhere in the picture. The reading is talking about this struggle to move forward. It feels like you've taken steps but there's a need to make a decision--2 of swords in advice position. Maybe you're contemplating a break-up. It seems here that you need to step-out more and assert yourself. Have faith.
    past--7 of wands rev
    situation--the emperor rev/this could be a paternal figure
    crowning-9 of wands/progress has been made
    present--10 of coins rev
    foundation--8 of swords
    challenges--10 of wands
    future--knight of wands rev
    blocks--king of wands
    friends/assoc--6 of swords-someone hasn't moved on
    advice--2 of swords rev
    outcome--3 of swords rev
    You're stuck on a parted relationship or a parted relationship is not moving on

  • @Daliolite 6 of swords is rev in friends pos.

  • @Daliolite Hi, thank you for the reading. The reading is more about my past I see. I’ve had a break up like 6 months ago and when I get readings, it’s mostly about the ex. I’ve had trouble to move on because I was the one that broke his heart, so it’s hard to deal with. In my past career it was a struggle as well. Now I’m happy with my new one. I also have an ex from few years ago that can’t let me go. It’s a mess 🤣

  • @Jubisay thks for response. During your reading it really felt like a struggle to move forward. I guess you need to move past this to move forward. It felt like these people were not a help and made life in general harder paired w your work at the time. You're not blind to the reality, the 2 of swords was rev in your reading. I didn't put that down. I could do another asking the best steps moving forward although it appears these 2 relationships are front and center.

  • @Dallyalot Hi I will appreciate it if you can ask that for me. Cause the only problem that I know I have now is letting go of the past hurt / heartbreak in relationships. 🙏 I’m looking forward to your response

  • @Jubisay also you know anyone w twins is a twin etc. Ok will ask what steps

  • @Dallyalot yes I have twin family members but years of no contact, no communication whatsoever. But other than that I can’t think of anybody close to me that have or are twins

  • @Jubisay ok ty. I pickup on twins. I'm a psychic medium besides card reader. That would be in line w what I picked up. So I'm working on another reading and is it correct to say that you don't always express how your feeling as far as relationships.

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