Soul mate?

  • im starting to get anxious, I was told by a psychic in march that about 6 months from then I would meet my soul mate. She actually told me october. I have not met anyone yet and im getting pretty bummed out. I really dont want to miss this, but at the same time she could have been wrong. I was just really gullible when she told me and still believe it will happen. I just pray to god I dont mess this up.. 😞

  • IgoHumble, I know when you don't have someone special in your life, things can feel pretty empty. All the same, if you ruminate on it, then it's less likely to happen. Ever see the classic clown sketch, where the clown drops his hat and in his attempts to step forward to retrieve it, keeps kicking it out of the way with his huge shoes? This is the image I keep in reserve for those times I sense myself becomming overly-concerned about anything. Pursue your happiness within yourself. It will not come from outside, it can only be nourished and increased from the outside. It's easier said than done, but relax about it. This month, next month; does it really matter? Who is your love? Well, who are YOU? How are YOU feeling? 🙂

  • Hi Igo!

    Have you tried meeting each person you contact with a smile and acknowledge them? Your soulmate isn't just going to drop into your lap--though that would be nice!--you have be on the lookout and keep a positive and upbeat attitude. When you meet people, try not to focus at all on the big soulmate question because that is pretty daunting. If you compare everyone you meet to the standards you have set for your soulmate then you might never find anyone.

    Plus, where are you looking for people? Coffee shops and bookstores are fantastic places to meet people. Or maybe there is someone at your work or your classroom that you've never talked to, but if you gave them a chance you might be surprised at your connection.

    Hope this helps!

    Light and love,


  • jupiter 1969, I actually am pretty happy about myself, Im just not happy with the relationship i am in. I was told the relationship i am in with end "abruptly" twice by a psychic and tarot reader. So I have that in mind, and also recently, without even thinking about soulmates or without even looking for someone else, theres this guy that popped out of nowhere. He seems like a very funny guy and helpful and I really like him and so Im just thinking to myself.. since I was told by a psychic "October"... maybe this guy is it. I m not sure if he even feels the same .. I hope he does but im just trying really hard to not do anything stupid to scare him away if he is the person i should pursue. I am being very careful with this guy, with how I act with him. I want to make sure I am completely free and honest and myself with him. Because if he likes me for who I truly truly am, then that will avoid lots of problems. UGH and I cant stop thinking about him. I am just extremely frightened of rejection right now.

    RLeo28 - I actually met this person at a library, he works there. So, at least it wasnt a bar or anything like that haha.I was just hoping to have a psychic give me some insight about this. But thanks guys for responding!!!!

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