Can anyone read my mum please?

  • Her birthday is 4th March 1961.

    We don’t get on well.

    My birthday is 14th October 1986

  • Emotional understanding and empathy will not be immediately forthcoming between you, and the relationship will likely need many years of work to build trust and acceptance. It is also troubled by a tendency to take the easy way out - to withdraw or even give up during times of crisis. Although the relationship can be extremely productive and successful, dealing with personal problems is not really its forte. Your mum has a loner type personality and may have come across to you as a child (or even now) as distant and self-contained although she is in fact quite shy and often feels awkward with other people. There can be disappointments and frustrated expectations. Your mum can have difficulty expressing her true feelings. Sometimes she doesn't say what she means or ask for what she wants, so people don’t understand her or are able to help her. If you can scale back your needs and expectations of her and not lose patience, this relationship can improve. But compromise on both sides will be needed.

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