Career/School Reading, please?

  • I am trying to get some kind of insight into what to do about getting into med school. I am not having much luck finding doctors to shadow. I am nowhere near ready to take the MCAT before the deadlines for applications for the 2021 cycle. COVID restrictions are making things even harder.

    I could use some spiritual advice.

    DOB 05/27/1994

  • Protect yourself from depression and anxiety by allowing 2020 to be a year where you lay down the paddles and allow the Universe to guide your boat. And wait for 2021 to tick over because it will be a new start for you in your career/search and new opportunities will open up to get what you want or else to get something different that you want more.

  • @TheCaptain

    Yeah. I’m probably letting anxiety get to me.

    Captain, you have read for me a few times, do I on regular basis show up with anxiety? I don’t know about depression but I have been more anxiety prone since my mother passed away four years ago.

  • @Bluangel27 you may become depressed if your career situation doesn't go the way you want it to, so be open-minded enough for anything to happen and trust the universe to look after you.

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