2nd chance?

  • Hello everyone!
    So I've been very desperate over my ex relationship.
    He is a Cancer Man, ASC Sagittarius & I'm a Pisces Woman, ASC Scorpio.
    Our synastry chart + asteroid aspects are generally the best you can think of.
    Well, so we got together on May the 5th 2020 but we have known each other for a few more months though. He asked me first and I could really tell that he was interested in me. It was the greatest time of my life and his personality showed off in the greatest way. Just amazing!
    Then my mental issues came back because of some triggers in my private life. I said I would need a short break from everything and broke up...
    He suddenly started to say things about killing himself etc. That's not what I wanted to happen AT ALL. A month later or so after no contact I texted him because I assumed he started bringing up rumors about me because of anger. He didn't though. He tried to date another girl (replacement he said) at that time. So we've been texting for the whole day and I just regretted everything and admit that I still love him (of course). He also felt the same and we got back together again. It was amazing but he kinda seemed to not let his emotions out. But then- all of sudden, he texted me and told me he needs a break from dating. I've been crying for the rest of the night to be honest. It all went so odd from nowhere...
    I found out he tried to date someone else again (Aquarius)- but guess what, didn't work out. So after a HUGE drama we found back together AGAIN.
    It was all good until he suddenly broke up for the freaking second time.
    I was down, loaded with anger & emptiness.
    So we haven't been texting much then, but when we did you could tell he still likes me- he just doesn't want to admit it...
    He was dating a Virgo but that didn't last for a long time, apparently she turned out to be gay.
    Now I tried to talk to him via FaceBook but our conversations are extremely dry, and it seems like we wouldn't even know each other...
    (he texts me as well so it's not like I would run after him)
    I feel like he's still hurt by me.
    Please tell me: How should I make the conversations go more exiting?
    Do I have a second chance?
    I don't know it... It makes me sad

    thanks for reading loves!
    hope you're having a great day. 🙂

  • @angeliyna_mysterica
    Good synastry aspects only go so far, imo.
    You guys don’t seem to be communicating with each other very well. If you have emotional triggers that you are already aware of, then being aware of them is half the battle. Most people don’t even know that their reactions might be triggered from a past hurt or trauma. The 2nd half of the battle is allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to share them with someone you are serious about.
    You think he might be hurt and is taking it out on you ? It’s possible. A hurt cancer man can be next to impossible to deal with, because he doesn’t forget that feeling. He dates someone, he comes back, then he’s gone again dating someone else? Maybe he doesn’t trust you enough to make a go of it?
    My thought, if you are serious and willing to try, then explain to him why you broke up with him. This is not to say you did anything wrong, because we all have emotional triggers, but it might just correct any misunderstandings and allows him to stop hurting you.

  • You say you have mental issues and obviously he has emotional issues. Two unstable people together does not equal a stable relationship. You both need time apart to heal your issues and then maybe you will be right for each other. But for now, this is a very unhelpful and unsettling relationship which does not help either of you.

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