Love interpretation help!

  • Hey! Very new to tarot and just got my first deck.. would really appreciate some help. I asked what’s coming up for me in love and got these cards

    Wheel of fortune, the star, 6 of cups, king of pentacles and the moon

    Can someone please help clarify them for me?

  • Which deck did you use ? How did you lay them out? Did you use a specific spread or were these laid out with only the question in mind?

    Wheel of Fortune can speak of life's ups and downs, fate or destiny, an acceptance or decisions yet to be made.
    The Star- can speak of dreams, and inner hope, a light out of the darkness, an inner light shining through.
    6 of Cups can speak of past memories. a sense of harmony within one's own emotions .. a gift received on some level...
    King of Pentacles - This mature masculine type energy that speaks of business opportunities, maybe the person arrives that is practical, down to earth, ready to take opportunities that arrive ...
    The Moon- Speaks of phases , stages of a cycle, facing one's fear, looking to the unknown, connecting to the moon energies.. Could be feeling a little crazy at this time, emotional...

    Quick Summary (without knowing any details ) the cards could speak of Decisions yet to be made, to bring a sense of new hope, maybe something of the past may resurface Opportunities could arise with the arrival of someone who is down to earth and practical in their approach to situations .. You may find yourself facing your fears on some level ... (This is one approach to these cards without knowing the deck you used and without knowing any further details re your situation..)

  • @hekatesxing

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer! Really appreciate it. I will attach a picture to show the deck and how I laid them out and yes I just had that one question in mind and pulled the 5 cards.

    I was seeing someone for quite a while but they weren’t putting in the effort and taking me for granted so I’d had enough and we stopped talking recently.


  • @lovelucy
    Welcome ...
    Looking at the imagery of all of these cards together I got a sense of things being in a circle,, like something is contained instead of being let out ... maybe like something is making you go in circles with the situation within .. it could be like you mind is going round and round.. a little of the What ifs!

    You could look at the top three cards as saying There is a need to accept lives ups and downs , decisions need to be made even though you may hold onto hope, the past memories are within you at this time ...
    Next two cards- A sense of New opportunities are on offer if only you can face your fears at this time emotionally.

    Take care