What do you make of this?

  • Hi! I've just started learning to read tarot and am finding it fascinating! Out of curiosity, I gave myself a reading, using the Cross of Truth, about a situation I'm not sure how to handle.

    The cards appeared in the following positions:

    Basis- Two of Wands

    Desires- Ace of Wands

    Opposition- The High Priestess

    Helpful- The Knight of Swords

    Outcome- Four of Cups

    Everything was going along nicely until I got to the High Priestess, whom I associate with intuition and things yet unknown to the conscious mind... and the Four of Cups, which I associate with boredom and discontent... I was confused: how does the High Priestess play into being an oppositional card?

    After a lot... of thought... A LOT of thought, I have an idea of what the cards may be trying to tell me (or, at least, what I'm hoping is the message), but would like to see how someone with a bit more experience might interpret the message.

    I can elaborate more if anyone needs me to, but I'm hoping for a gut-reaction if I can get one.


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