How long did it take you to become experts?

  • I've been dabbling in astrology and tarot for most of my adult life, but never took the plunge to become adept at it. I'm sure it varies for everyone. I'm just curious for you pros out there how you came to be where you are? Was it strictly through study? Is it largely intuitive? Are you just naturally more open psychically? Share your story if you'd like!

  • @IrieEden
    Personally because of circumstances it took me a couple of years before I truly became comfortable reading in a paid situation.. I started reading for my friends and their friends, work colleagues and then from there started to get paid.. I started reading with Native American Tarot - the first deck that truly spoke to me .. I have been reading for 20+ years and still feel as though I am learning. I think I gained confidence by reading for others , once I finally took the plunge and read at an expo (healthy Living Expo ) locally , charging $5 quick readings to one question .. I did end up doing a couple of larger readings for $15 ... I know for me it took a awhile before I was truly comfortable giving readings to others without hesitation.

  • There comes a point where you just know that you nailed a reading...then you relax and stop questioning yourself and just let the cards flow. Up to that point you go did I get it right and there are those who doubt you...then you doubt yourself...hmmm learn to trust your feelings and the rest will work itself out.

  • Thank you guys for sharing! Its helpful to hear a little backstory sometimes. You forget even the best of the best had to start somewhere. 😊

  • @TarotNick Did you have special training? What made you decide to get into tarot reading? Or did you have the ability at a young age? I used to read for my friends when I was younger. I had an angelic deck, that really got me into it for awhile. But I started with my dreams as a kid and I had a dream diary and from there. Then I learned how to read auras from a book I had. But for some reason I stopped. I dont know if its cause I got married and had kids.

  • Hi TulipLilly,
    No I started older, I was given a deck by my brother. I wasn't ready when I was younger. I had other things that I had to learn. I had to learn how to forgive and trust myself, my brain is much quitter now so I can trust my feelings. I Still have much to learn, but I have made my own style that fits me. I'm laughing because I want answers to my questions sometimes and I get relax it will come don't force it... So I continue to try to grow...patience is a hard lesson.

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