Choosing a security system

  • Good afternoon everyone! I am going to renovate my parents' old house. I have already changed the windows and painted the walls. My husband has repaired the floor. Now we are looking for a company that provides some products for a security system. I do not think we need such stuff as flood detectors or cameras. Anything simple, like a fire detector and a siren. We have three variants of brands to choose. Ajax company is on the top now, but I still have complaints about it. What provider do you use? It would be great if you share!

  • I have a several cameras in my house, but I just installed them by myself without anyone's help

  • Ajax is a reliable and checked company. I use their products. It is a little hard to choose it because they are quite new on the market and there is a lack of reviews on them. Honestly, they produce modern devices for a security system. It is super comfy that you can choose any you want to have in your system, and you don't have to pay for parts you are not going to use. You can check their suggestions and design. They look like Apple products by the way. I mean, modern and simple. The control system is also very comfy. One thing they do not produce is cameras. Anyway, you said you do not need them.

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